Sunday, 16 November 2008

Bush Makes A Promise

These are the slang of UFO campaigner Charles Huffer:

"At the moment as This afternoon, 4 November 2002, First in command George W. Plant attended a Republican Motivation Sortie at the Northwest Regional Mortal (XNA) in Northwest Arkansas. After the run into was over, so on the way to Air Compress One, First in command Plant shook hands plus some of the workforce at the run into. My hand was one of persons. I took the occasion to bear in mind First in command Plant that he had promised ME over two time ago that he would tell us the truth about UFOs. I after that asked if he studied to bail out that guarantee. He answered: definitely.

Admission the article here: Plant says YES

Current is hope! As UFO fanatics and reserchers we call for NEVER award up in the fight for UFO information! We decision aquire it!

UFO sightings and theories at all day of the meeting. Includes imgaes and video.

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