Sunday, 2 November 2008

Human Mutilation By Aliens
The Nye Incidents: Listen If You Dare! Pt.1Editors Note: We have been receiving disturbing reports that farmers throughout the U.S. have been describing incidents of finding mutilated cattle overnight. The cattle who were alive the day before, were found dead the following day, drained of all blood and having their anus and reproductive organs surgically removed. Many investigators believe that there is a UFO/extraterrestrial connection. Now it appears that an actual human mutilation has been discovered. More on this story here.The Nye Incidents: Listen If You Dare! Pt.2Editor's Note: Travis Walton, an abductee featured in the movie "Fire in the Sky", is mentioned in the video. I think it is interesting as I had a very detailed dream this morning about the co-star in the movie who played the role of Travis' best friend. I will analyze the dream to see if there is a significan meaning. Details will be posted at a later date.Subscribe to ProphecyWatcher by Email


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