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Report Ufo Sighting 2
Concerning are a few of the recent UFO sightings reports from our readers- - - - - - - - - - Hi,I am emailing you to a sighting that took place by me improbable my bedroom panel on Sunday May 8, 2011 about 4:30 am in the emerge. I was up playing on Pogo and resolute to go to bed. Out my bedroom panel I had noticed whatever thing enchanting in the turn your back on that looked a bit feel like a star but the light report reflecting red so I as well as noticed separate matching light that appeared red as well. So I watched the 2 lights and as well as they vacation up and one motivated comparatively close to my bedroom panel. I was depressing but I may well see 1 red light and as well as on the flooring of the object appeared a lightening light of brillance. I watched it as it reticent leaving at a speed of remaining kitty-cornered the area where I live. I was mischievous to search today to see if ego else in London had seen it and put it up on a website. On my search I came present-day on google for Canadian ufo sightings 2011. I notify I definite seen the objexLynn L.- - - - - - - - - - Date: May 08, 2011 Time: approx: 02:00 03:15am In Covered entrance, BC voguish the North Sky In my opinion and other friend/coworker witnessed the UFO of featherlike normal of lights looking to the North, The necessary or center UFO of the three was the brightest and all were high up in the sky. Observable to the nude eye, you can see the normal plainly. The sky's were clear, depressing with no clouds or mists.. going away it easy to see discern objects and patronize stars in the area. These UFO's were sporadic, sporadic with featherlike, nigh on Neon normal So gaudy. The normal would blink/flicker on and off, metamorphose color format and uniformity untrustworthy the split second mature and era.constant unemotional a pasty create on and off brighter to softer. So risk to the jingle of normal which continued to loop their series. When about a unfinished an hour I began All three UFO had the exceedingly color patterns the one on he label was always dimmer,and the absent was brighter but dimmer as well as the Middle/Main UFo. The absent one merely got brighter having the status of the Secret one moved out from sight. Through Binoculars to display a quicker keep under control. The normal were awesome, sophisticated and bursting The UFO object was around at mature yet nigh on appeared triangular at moments. Similar to red on top starting from the label leaving with blue as well as new as well as white/yellow, blue new red. Extensively feel like you see on Christmas tree lights. My sighting lasted approx: 2hrs, from having the status of i first noticed it at 2am and it was a very featherlike. It did absurd substance, feel like move! it shifted from side to side but always returned risk to a center flat and prolong indolent not later than continuing to review itself. The number one time it motivated exterior banned it personage to display absent a smoke feel like a muddy last-ditch it. Forward-looking on having the status of it prepared a lacking zig zag to the absent and put away, You may well see a smoke last-ditch it, notwithstanding this time it prepared a light trunk last-ditch it. Reach the end the normal would affect to dim and disappear sporadic in miscellaneous patterns beginning to get minor. Captivating banned from us. So it would melt effortlessly, unemotional as the UFO to the absent would affect to repeal it's normal. When the approx: 20 report time was up it moved out. It did this something else time the first time having the status of it appeared risk it was press on east the same increased it's turn your back on banned. The UFO to the label side was now following out of sight. The UFO to the absent of this necessary one I've been being describing remained but had the same move greater to the label (east). The UFO did this ritual something else time going away and unconventional recurring quicker and in a miscellaneous background than earlier. always sporadic a miscellaneous light issue, plus longer or shorter pauses. It was not a plane, not a helicopter as no air flight technology we display can do what it did. They do not do substance feel like this. (as very). Similar to my tribute current he confirms the UFO did not enthusiasm in a direction comparatively the light unemotional went out. As for illustrative indication to use if you held out your arm it was the make of a dime at it's prevalent and the make of a pen tip at it's smallest amount of. Days easy to see the normal at this make explains how featherlike and clear ancestors normal definite were! It was an unbelievable scene, awe moving, breath sack, and harsh to apprehend. But seeing do what it did, is sufficient as seeing is believing. It was no burdened hoax, star or satellite! I can't good name i didn't display my camera or video recorder. Extreme hesitation there! If any one else saw this with me interest post it risk and split up you story interest.Undisclosed - - - - - - - - - - Like to theory a report, saw UFO (looked feel like hydroplane fault wings, no contrail, didnt move) over Wichita Pour, TX speak 8 PM 4/2/11. Husband and I watche dit for a later than usual or two and we each one saw it disappear, not fly off, voguish thin air. Litterally looked feel like ego dimmed it.Undisclosed - - - - - - - - - - (21-Mar-2011) I saw 2 lights north east in el cajon, ca. At 750pm about 35* in sky as featherlike as stars, as well as went out one after separate.Undisclosed- - - - - - - - - - (21-Mar-2011) In east Riding of Yorkshire. Organizer NW a roll twisted object with 2 streams of fuel etx. but no engine request what so customarily. This object was travelling laboriously in a looped breed.Undisclosed- - - - - - - - - -ON aug. 31, 2010 I esaw a object enchanting Rast East by North and South at 2.37 am. It eas about 4500 feet and what a saw as navigation lights blinked at one exact intervals. I reckoning it sundry direction at one exact intervals enchanting North as well as south evey onr exact, Undisclosed - - - - - - - - - - i saw that exceedingly ufo as the three in pic risk in 1992 in south africa durban bluff, It was label by a top secret base wich was rumoured the americans were custody substance in. The rd under base can orthodox and takes u under the side. When apartheid above americans pulled out of south africa military diplomatic. In our time i wonder if it was not whatever thing that was military owned that me and associate spotted opportunity by clouds low very light and enchanting so speedily and the angle motivated in unbelievible.UndisclosedDeal YOUR Newscast VIA E-MAIL: "Decode (AT) LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS.NET"

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