Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ufo Sighting In Independence Kentucky On June 27Th 2013 Gigantic Lantern Over Nky Skies 62713

Shortly after 10 p.m. tonight from my back porch, I witnessed a very strange object in the sky about a half mile away and about a half mile above ground. I screamed for my wife to bring a camera. She had to look for it and just grabbed her phone instead. She took three photos but it took her 30 seconds to get her Iphone5 and by this time the object had moved well away. Initially, the object was close enough to see the periphery, which clearly appeared to be rectangular with a giant yellow-orange-white flame inside that filled most of the rectangle shape but the flame did not extend beyond the well-defined rectangular borders. For how bright the light inside the rectangle was, I was surprised to not see much of a halo of light around it. My first impression was that it was just a very large hot air balloon because I heard what I thought was the sound of propane fuel burning. I absolutely did not hear an intermittent propeller type sound. It was definitely more of a low steady dull rumble sound. I had a clear view of most of the horizon. The object moved from left to right from my vantage point facing northeast, slowly at first, then very fast, faster than a jet airplane. It moved all the way across the sky easily in less than one minute, including the first 30 seconds or so in which it looked like it was just drifting along very slowly at wind speed. Basically, it just shifted into high gear and took off going away and up. The object was ascending rapidly without question. It was moving east to southeast in direction in mostly clear skies at the time. The long axis of the rectangle seemed perpendicular to the ground at all times even though the pictures seem like it tilted (my wife must have slanted the camera in her rapid response). The three pictures revealed almost a figure eight light source, almost like some kind of multiple loop circuit. However, in person, the object looked very bright to the naked-eye like a giant, uniform flame burning upwards. I would best describe it as a gigantic lantern. The rectangular or cone-shaped borders seemed black and very thin and the flame inside the borders took up most of the rectangle but not all. The pencil thin borders were blacker than the darkness around the huge flame inside the object. It was almost as if the object was transparent between the flame and surface. There was like a 7/8th moon out that night I believe providing some background light. Any insight into what this object was would be appreciated. I thought hot air balloons just moved at the same speed as the wind. On a side note, I have also seen once a few months back a huge black triangle at night with atleast seven or eight lights around it moving west to east with some of the lights blinking and others not. This object moved faster than any other I have ever seen in the sky and when it was almost gone over the horizon I heard the big sonic boom like the skies were opening up.



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