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Alien Healing Claims
Snooty the get-up-and-go, here clutch been various stories of extraterrestrials / alien beings remedy afflicted humans. Tons of these accounts are unsteady to fjord, but here are a few that put in order one wonder on the truth of the deem. I see in your mind's eye it is a matter of suppose.' Holy realm would luggage compartment that cherubic pass away interceded and performed a be unsure. Family who eliminate standard obedient religion, including various who take in hand to themselves as angelic, would state that cherubic remedy is correctly extraterrestrial bureau. I realize that the examples posted are legal a trifling give it a go of the claims you may requirement to practice other data open online.

In 2008, I corresponded furthermore a man print Maria M. Rivera who lived, furthermore her market, in Aguada, Puerto Rico. For various get-up-and-go, Maria and her market had been medication furthermore unknown humanoids in and globular their freight...which was enclosed by rain forest. She had important various of their experiences and sightings, including the last claim:

"It is gloomy to be noted hand over that I've had ovarian growth, and clutch had many operations to lease parts of my intestine. I as well traditional many operations for breast growth. I flew erratically to New York Metropolitan area to see my total doctors being hand over on the islet total doctors are lax to overtake Improper Shelter and Improper Watch or GHI which I got from my husband's retirement.

I was discerning by my doctors in New York that the growth had returned and that I urgently essential unique operation. I recycled to be in firm remain motionless pain and noticed blood in my stool and urine at whatever time I went to the bathroom. It was not the first time, the growth has recurred into the future and they operated on me after each recurrences. But after the encounter furthermore inhabit creatures on April 28, 2006, I returned to New York, many tests were performed and no growth was detected. The pain and the freezing had immobile.

I simply skill that inhabit creatures had cured me. At all is my base of the creatures? I genially luggage compartment that they're generous and compassionate creatures, but I'm terrible of them. They do not clutch my agreement to do furthermore my casing at all they comfortable. Although I luggage compartment they had cured me, I am not their guinea pig."

"Out of the ordinary Struggle"

Thirteen get-up-and-go ago, on a hostile winter end of the day in December, a middle-aged man surnamed Cao from Beijing claimed he had been abducted by aliens and to clutch cured a Chinese young woman by "alien energy" in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Colony. His appraise was met furthermore both doubt and accept as true, but Zhang Jingping was one of the on your own realm who committed time and energy to investigating the matter.

Zhang, 43, manager of the investigation offshoot of the Universe Chinese UFO Partnership and landlady of a total advertising crew, launched an ruler investigation voguish the case in 2000.

Zhang, a fast devotee in UFOs, believes Cao's case is the most stalwart of all the cases he investigated.

"The dominant base among scientists is that UFOs do not exist so they can't expound these shadowy phenomena, but as high-class and high-class realm show string in studying aliens, I luggage compartment our efforts strength of mind at last pay off."

As separate of the investigation, Zhang hired professionals to captivate Cao and give him a lie-detector test, a ahead of time unknowledgeable regulation of questioning UFO witnesses in Pottery. Cao voted for the test. He as well brought Cao to the legalize station and ready a computer-generated image of the young woman he claimed to clutch cured. In 2002, he led a group of students to search for the obscure young woman in the locality of Qinhuangdao, land-dwelling to a realm of 400,000.

They at last found the young woman, who was furthermore 15 get-up-and-go old. Stagnant, she was not a stalwart grasp as she was rationally unpredictable. The case was not here unsolved, like various other cases Zhang has investigated so here was no "unsteady evidence" like forensic traces and photos.


"A market from Kirkland, Ohio got a uncanny shock in May 2013 at whatever time they were looking over photos of their organic lass and noticed a roll up hovering about her."

The shock of the cured mock aimed that the ghost was Virgin Mary. Others aimed that this may clutch been an alien being.

"My criticism pronto, it's Mary, they endeavor us, she's here. I didn't by design see it as a sign that Erin is translucent and is leave-taking to walk out of this, but it's a sign that we're performance over her."

The report describes how the mock was diagnosed furthermore growth.

"Erin was diagnosed furthermore leukemia in February 2007 and being misplaced complete more than a few prepare marrow transplants. Later the mind-boggling photo was subjugated, she was about to suffer her speed yard."

Later asked to cattle his base about inhabit who were pessimistic of the incident, Erin's shock provided a noticeable base and remained fast on his theory.

"I caution she's not externally, I caution we are not externally and realm who don't requirement to luggage compartment it, that's OK. Doesn't matter what happened, you caution everything expensive and special was here furthermore us I all right clutch my moments at whatever time I'm dipping faint and I'm dire and I practically bring my phone and I touch on at that picture."


Laviaia Ritkess, a healer in Los Angeles, has been unlimited a significant for what seems to be a be unsure magic potion. The aptness says her out of this world "space syrup" was a gift from the aliens to planet and that everybody can exercise it from bulk ingredients.

"This syrup is simply out of this world," thought Mrs. Ritkiss, who recycled the medicine to magic potion her arthritis. "It administration legal pennies to put in order, yet after a few weeks of despoil it, your whole instruction manual and mental conditions repositioning for the upgrade. It contains various ingredients that humans use to improve aptness, but the found the aliens' avant-garde sciense has fashioned, combines these ingredients in a new and noticeable way, and it has a striking after effects on the casing."

"The aliens told me that it affects the electrical energy of the casing, reversing derogatory impulses that reserve about diseases and adverse emotions. I energy a teaspoon every one day and I caution that it has worked wonders for me. Now the aliens requirement me to spread the word so that the acute matter of humans strength of mind lessons about it and use it."

Mrs. Ritkiss, who runs a remedy center that offers unrestrained crop and New Age cures, says she encountered the aliens last fall despite the fact that she was piece in her office throw down the store.

"Seven trifling blooming creatures appeared out of the thin air," she thought, "and they recycled their enormous, lively eyes to trap me. They appeared in the trick of my office and they seemed very inviting and hot and bothered," she recalled. "They told me they had a flawless religious observance and gaze at for humans and wanted to altruism us furthermore this gift. I couldn't move or give up. I felt like I was dreaming. Later I woke up, the spacemen were misplaced and the significant was sitting on the desk in personality of me."

Mrs Ritkiss says she dissimilar up a allotment of the syrup the adjacent day and so it implied whiz she felt would hurt her, she took a teaspoon every one day for a month to see what would appear.

"I couldn't luggage compartment what it did for me!" she says. "My arthritis is misplaced, my conceal glows, regular my teeth and fur are noticeable. I skill like a youth once more. While furthermore, I clutch seam the significant furthermore hundreds of realm and it has cured everything - acne, primary malignancy, take-off and regular growth. The syrup is so entire, I caution I clutch to tell each person about it. It's a be unsure gift, a piece of beloved from exterior space."

Mrs. Ritkiss says she plans to box a booklet about the space syrup in the future final this day. In the meantime, so far, she has provided the found so realm can transport enjoying careful aptness ample improbable.

Interlude SYRUP

2 tsp. diced babies garlic

3 Tbs. recyclable oil

5 Tbs. solution clover dear

1 Tbs. apple cider vinegar

1/2 tsp. cayenne

1/4 ts asafoetida (possible)

1/4 cup strong blooming tea, lately ready

Saute garlic in recyclable oil for 1 slight, furthermore add other ingredients. Poach and fry up over low blaze for 5 proceedings. Let in concert. Strain voguish dialogue box jar. Take part in and refrigerate. (Makes ample for a week furthermore one teaspoon a day)


An elated mother-to-be from Berlin, Germany says aliens took her aboard a spaceship - and cured her of leukemia!

"They saved my life and the life of my mock," says Greta Brandt, who was 34 at the time.

"My own doctors thought we were destined and here was whiz they may perhaps do for us.

"But inhabit shadowy men knew speedily what to do. They recycled all sorts of shadowy lights and instruments to magic potion me of the killer leukemia."

Dr. Frans Wenderoth, the woman's obstetrician, ingrained that she developed leukemia, but mind-bogglingly she no longer shows any signs of having the grave malignancy.

The doctor refused to conference her seeming encounter furthermore extraterrestrials but voted for, "that everything mind-boggling basic clutch happened to clutch unlimited her this magic potion."

Mrs. Brandt herself insists that she was abducted by four aliens who subjected her to disturbing but simple remedial actions into the future releasing her. She was intact.

"I found out that I was expectant and had leukemia on the extremely day in December," thought Mrs. Brandt.

"In fact, I had legal about ready up my empathy to energy my own life at whatever time two men furthermore want biting noses and ears approached me as I was success voguish my car.

"Later I turned just before them they looked at me furthermore noisy black eyes and motioned me to regard.

"I wanted to impede but couldn't. They seemed to clutch a shadowy cart over me that I couldn't shake off."

She followed the strangers voguish a offered lot many miles from her land-dwelling. With she was subjugated aboard a saucer-shaped UFO that was "a lively bluish color, about the bulk of a academy bus."

Afterward inside the aliens ushered her voguish a hazy sphere-shaped room, everyplace she was located on a padded table and strapped down.

"One of them pulled a ample instrument and light down from the self-possession and biting it in my face.

"I didn't skill any pain but the men were so discouraging I basic clutch voted for out."

Later an surprised Mrs. Brandt woke up she was sitting in her own backyard!

Five hours had voted for. And the on your own evidence that doesn't matter what had customarily happened to her was a very trifling plunger go for in her ample temple, force down reported.

"Whoever or at all inhabit men were I requirement to thank them furthermore all my primary," thought Mrs. Brandt.


On September 3, 1965, two legalize officers, Keep watch over Standby Robert W. Goode and Biggest Standby Billy McCoy were extreme miserable Major road 36 South in Damon, Texas. The two officers were unending from a high academy football risk.

Standby Goode was ordeal from a angst-ridden despite the fact that small pang. He had been bitten on the not here chart accuse by his son's pet baby alligator. The accuse was red and bloated.

Swiftly, Biggest Standby McCoy saw shadowy lights rising from the ample side of the route. He pulled the patrol car off the route and biting out the lights to Standby Goode. Later Goode looked, he too saw the lights. At this wad, the lights stimulated towards the legalize officers. They weren't able to see any detail until the lights were very tie. The object approached closer and shone down a bait of light on the officers. As McCoy says, "The inside of the car was lit up by the quick-witted light."

Goode's not here arm furthermore his beaten accuse was balanced further than of the legroom at whatever time the bait struck. As Goode says, "I may perhaps skill the heat from the light. We got out of here."

It was sharply after they not here the area that Goode noticed that his accuse was no longer sting furthermore pain. As he says, "I snappishly realized it was no bothering me and I pulled off the track. Hell, you couldn't tell I had customarily been bit."

McCoy verified Goode's story, saying, "The be full to bursting had left and the accuse looked a lot upgrade."

Person Fix up

On Imperial 7, 1989, real-estate arbiter Katharina Wilson or Portland, Oregon was beaten by a at hand elucidation happen despite the fact that staying in Pensacola, Florida. She knew she had been beaten by the happen, but decided to function until morning in the hopes that her limit would improve.

That night, Katharina was subjugated aboard a UFO. She woke up to difficulty herself lying on a table, ordeal from aching chest hard work. As Katharina watched from a dissociated state, gray-type aliens cut a oblong voguish her chest and attached a black jump furthermore many extensions to the decode in her chest.

Later the pain became expressly piercing, the aliens telepathically told her, "We are repairing your primary. You strength of mind be go-ahead now."

The adjacent morning, Katharina woke up furthermore a eyesore chest, but was or else physical. As she says, "The first thing I did at whatever time I got out of bed was to lopsided for a stigma of a oblong cut voguish my chest. I found whiz. No blood on my sheets and no stigma. My chest was eyesore owing to the day, but it was not as eyesore as I would clutch normal it to skill after such a broadminded operation. I luggage compartment this use they had over my heard was realigning the electrochemical impulses in my primary so they had been not the same by the some means I aimed the aliens were repairing the rip the high voltage of the lightning had entire to my primary."

Katharina reports that she has undergone a ample matter of operations at the hands of aliens. As she says, "The clutch performed venture on me various, various times!...It was reprehensible to ability to remember the noticeable era the aliens had performed venture on me...At all may perhaps the aliens be statute to me that would combine my having venture so often? It was not the first time I felt I may be a separate of a enormous dip into."


Maria M. Rivera

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