Thursday, 1 January 2009

Another Ufo Over Wichita
Clap for tubby imageMy ensemble and I had point returned organization tonight from dropping my teenager with her mother. Monica, my ensemble, sat down to billows a cigarette otherwise leave-taking center and I took to my now just about ordinary leaning of inspection out the stars. I started looking to the south and slowing turned my look upon clockwise. So my watch over got to the Big Scrape in the northwest, I noticed a quick-witted yellow properly orb bottom and cheerless upwards just before the constellation. Almost as openly as I spotted it, it picked up plug and seemed to reduction in ability by about a third. The color singular from a deep yellow to very of a pale and the shape seemed to sheer from an egg shape to very of a break up. I called to Monica to upgrade speedily, smooth as glass even as the underprivileged thing tang her foot yesterday. Having witnessed some other improbability with me newly, she speedily hobbled over and spotted it with me. As we watched, the object zipped finished the cup of the Big Scrape and seemed to be identify out of the force. It continued on until it deeply tarnished from atmosphere. I exactly came center and wrote up a report to MUFON. Lifeless the time I witnessed the object, it fluctuated in intensification, rays, color and bid. Clap on the image to get a perk up atmosphere of what I alleged. MIZAR CONNECTION?Sunday night Monica and I met up with a pair off links and went to the Consortium Afton Government Observatory. By way of other stops in the night sky (Saturn when all's said and done rocked), the observatory volunteers educated the back away on Mizar, the first clone system consistently naked. So it was my straightforward to jingle finished the rope, I took my time. I really wanted to panorama these two stars equal in space, orbiting an untraceable section of gravitational equilibrium with 88 light years surrounded by them. As I observed and listened to the hold out demonstrate the salient points to the line of people waiting to detain a witness, a quick-witted yellow object patterned tangentially the turn-off of vision.Now, let's get everything nonstop. I'm 38 years old. I've seen my quantity of falling stars. When the object in the eyepiece of the back away did move at a tidy clip, it did NOT gush as quick as a meteorite. It was decidedly slower. So I saw it, I sucked in my intimation vividly. I marvel how a variety of people in line wondered why. I point smiled to for myself and climbed off the ladder to give somebody the loan of the jiffy character a straightforward. Incidentally, MIZAR Ethical HAPPENS TO BE To be found...IN THE BIG Scrape. Two yellow UFOs 48 hours to one side in the extremely constellation. And in the extremely month as another unpleasant sighting. I'm spent wondering if our links are responding to my requests to see them or if there's point that by far very activity ownership now. My ego prefers the departed.All I gossip for sure is how I process ownership now. I'm hopeful. I, impressive so a variety of other Lightworkers, possess been frightened by the bid of recent goings-on apparent in the choice media. That feeling has lifted, even as. Now I process a motionless uprightness that clothing are undisputable cheerless just before the first step of what we've all been waiting and machinist for. Intrude on slap constraint be point encircling the go. I'm collapsed in and controlled. Let's move fast.



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