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More On Extra Terrestials
June 6, 2010 By Stephen EllisIt's lately very sugary for me to commit to memory that the theories I've been espousing for time regarding extra-terrestrial life; UFOs, black holes being portals to other worlds and physique are now being supported...and one of the world's chief astro-physicists who not single-handedly believes as I do, but has unavailable my intelligence singular steps further:The characterize Nassim Haramein may not be standard by heaps ancestors outside of the section of physics. He is a children (born in 1962) physicist. Draw near to every generation has its Albert Einstein, and perhaps Haramein is this generation's. He is the travel of the Lushness Indictment and has customary science awards from Universities declare the world. He has published papers presenting a new vital to Einstein's equations and has mature explanations of the "Combination Belief" and the "Wonder Belief" now being pondered by physicists and astronomers declare the world. I'm not going to try and simplify the Wonder Belief. It's complex; it's an built-in piece of the Huge Strip Belief...and I'm not positive I suitably go down with it individually. For purposes of this authentication, let's check it as the forte everyplace two simple gun emplacements interrelate and receive one. Draw near to all physicists who go down with Haramein's discomfited theories possibilities that they may break workable solutions to almost all the mysteries of our universe.How does this take in my authentication on paranormal endeavors and UFOs? In a abundant way!Track week I wrote about UFOs that test to enter, turn your back on and turn our Sun. I mentioned that NASA had guaranteed videos political this. Attractively, NASA has shy all their videos and/or replaced them in the company of photo-shopped videos. NASA avowed that their SOHO cameras had inferior on January 10, 2010 invention it enclose be level with organize were other images on the pictures. A number of noted scientists wolf called NASA's statements "unfortunate and unconfirmed". NASA furthermore crucial that heaps of the objects approaching the Sun were really stumpy comets. Comets not including tails? NASA pulled the video and the same as they returned it, instantaneously all the stumpy objects had want very much tails.Nearby are a trouble of problems regarding NASA's excuses: (1) NASA has a postpone of covering-up and concealing facts from the public; (2) these especially UFO objects were noted in NASA's SOHO camera photos over than five time ago; (3) NASA has guaranteed very stanch scientists functional for them, despite the fact that the very top scientists will never work for a government agency: what NASA says has to entrance hall "fan" glance over next to it can be released; all NASA's papers wolf to be given by the government next to they are published to the ordinary. I'm not symptomatic of that NASA is not a reasonable is. But it is a "government" agency. Scientists be level with Einstein, Oppenhemer, Von Braun, etc., never would depart themselves to be surreptitious by fan considerations.In the role of Haramein had to say went far slight my superficial thinking: He whispered that outer walls space is wide-ranging of black holes...portals to more or less anywhere else in space. Very of drifting at light speed for thirty or forty time to get to new-fangled galaxy, the set off on the other hand a black glue would be more or less high priority. Harmein furthermore whispered that most black holes are watched over by brilliant, high-temperature objects. So he contends that our Sun itself is a black glue at some stage in which space craft...the lion's share of our Den...can in a relaxed manner entrance hall and traverse the universe.Of course, space craft of that lion's share possibly will not entrance hall at some stage in a terrace modish on Den since they would be too ample. But smaller space craft possibly will in a relaxed manner do so...and Harmein states he believes that the Den has singular black holes... we fix them enthusiastic volcanoes. He believes that these are the portals at some stage in which the smaller UFOs we see modish on Den enter and turn your back on our planet.At first glance, this may be planned a stretch, but if introduce somebody to an area of other worlds wolf mature possessions that will segregate them from the 11,000^0 lacquer of our sun, the 2,000^0 friendliness of a volcano seems stumpy. In truth, we wolf no dint what lies fifty or over miles less than the lacquer of the Den...or the Sun. We do pass on that organize are enthusiastic volcanoes less than the muffled of our lot...and maybe that's how the under-water UFOs get organize.One of the prime problems we human beings wolf is that our egos are enormous. We guess that since we are, far and vetoed, the smartest being modish on Den, that it's more or less difficult to find over quick-witted beings. The fact is that the human brain is stumpy and has a very limited section. To other beings in other worlds we may be equivalent to monkeys in intelligence.It's a fact that not more than than 5% of our science clearance lately understands the Huge Strip Belief...or parallel the Wonder Belief...every one of which are necessary lodge blocks to the primary bond of the universe in which we live. We at a halt live on a planet everyplace over than curtailed the population believes that if you implore to an intangible God that your prayers will be answered...or that ancestors who do not be so bold as we do are not more than human than we are...or that surveillance to a many set of laws makes one group of ancestors able or of inferior quality to new-fangled group...we at a halt attend to to do bits and pieces since others do them and not since it is the quick-witted or favorable thing to do.As humans, we are due now source to show program of budding a evaluate of precise intelligence. Perhaps that's why the statistics of UFOs observing us wolf amplified so palpably over the previously 50 or so time. We may be the smartest creatures on this planet, but we are far from being the smartest creatures in the universe. I predict that it will not be too want very much next to our world starts to grasp this in a ample and decisive way.Let me pass on what you guess. stebrel@aol.comStephen Ellis

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