Thursday, 8 January 2009

Guess I Was Wrong
I've lamented in a couple of posts in the past (here and here) that the Above Top Secret Alien/UFO forum section seemed to be full of wide-eyed 'True Believers' and that I was effectively done with that portion of the site. Well looks like I was, happily, proven wrong. A new thread has appeared that I can actually get excited about. The title is 'Believers: A Friendly Challenge/Discussion'. The original poster opens with the following:I am not opposed to the idea of ETs visiting earth, and have nothing to gain or lose from denying or admitting to that being the case. But to this point, I haven't seen or read anything that convinces me "they" have to be aliens. I have my own theories as to possibilities, and would like to posit those, and ask a few questions. Everything I've read, seen, and heard so far convinces me that whatever forces are behind the modern UFO phenomenon, are more than likely terrestrial in nature. Setting aside those things easily explainable, and getting down to the 1 or 2 percent (IMO) that are actually in the "other" category, I believe there are a few possibilities. The first being that we have either governing powers, or a select group of people who are in possession of technology and knowledge far beyond what we consider possible at this stage of our scientific understanding. Even abduction cases can be faked and manipulated by the abductors through a variety of methods. And I also find this a possible scenario. I was understandably excited when I first saw this. The strange thing is that no one has mentioned Mac Tonnies Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis as an option, so I guess I know what I will be replying with. OK well that's all for now, I just thought I would share my happiness with you. Maybe there is still hope for ATS. Maybe.


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