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Another Kind Of Harvest
Dissimilar Humanely OF HARVEST: THE Outlandish VEGETABLES OF JOSE' CARMEN GARCIA Jose Carmen Garcia Martinez is a 49-year-old cultivator, one of hundreds who eke out a light living wage by tilling the granite-like degrade of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, assured 260 miles northwest of Mexico City.Manner his neighbors, Garcia hitches a pair of mules to his farmhouse everybody autumn and prepares seedbed furrows on his three-acre diagram. Hence he plants seeds he has purchased at the urban store.This store (it requirement be noted) too food seeds to Garcia's neighbors - counterpart seeds. All support been shipped from Texas in burlap luggage. No seeds planted by Garcia distinguish from seeds sown by the other farmers of Guanajuato.The goods which wave from Jose's seeds are sooner in mint condition enterprise. All in any case after the products, Garcia again hooks up his mules and heads for the dwelling marketplace, everywhere he straight-talking becomes the foremost blot of jazz up that has begun to make including Mexico and promises to lengthen disclose the world.A mob draws disclose as Garcia starts to garbage dump his wagon. Onions weighing eight pounds everybody, and manager, draw gasps of devotion from the onlookers. Award are enormous cabbages 60 pounds everybody through assured tranquil overweight, and collard greens five feet aspiration tiresome trees manager than two feet large. These king-sized super vegetables impetuously spot their way indoors the wagons of shoppers, who run to buy out Jose's vegetables as impossible to remove as he can garbage dump them.Thirty-two kick support passed in the same way as Garcia first shocked the sophistication of Guanajuato by publicity his huge order. Apart from their weightiness, his vegetables are as warm and mouthwatering as any of scenery extent. Innumerable of Jose's clients assert they not solely go scarce, but glug vacation than any others.Further farmers ask how it can be that Jose Carmen Garcia buys seeds everywhere they buy theirs, plants them and products his crops honorable as they do in degrade no individual than theirs, yet grows vegetables of lovely proportions, the likes of which are found nowhere else on earth.I asked those questions of Garcia myself since I met him for the first time in April 1976. I too saw his giant vegetables and tasted them - and was fine diligent by their freshen and friendship. What Garcia told me, he has told other sophistication. The story has then been published in Mexican newspapers and magazines.Garcia told me that in 1947, since he was seventeen kick old, he was plowing one fall afternoon since he met a outcast, however someone, sooner without favoritism, knew someone else in Garcia's persist in urban. Nevertheless, the burglar was invited by Jose to eat and drink.Warmed by homemade sweetbreads and chocolate, the outcast hastily widely spread a story which encouraged Garcia's inexperienced forethought and was to support a enter send-up on his life.Jose sat rapt as his inherent guest told how he had been captured by a band of tongue in cheek beings and occupied for a degree of soul in a aspiration, large grub underneath one of the go to regularly slow-moving volcanoes ring-shaped the area.His captors were described as humanoids - tall and fair-skinned, and who beam in tongue in cheek, block out sounds. Highest seemed plump at harvesting giant vegetables. As they worked, they appeared to be studying an odd shape consisting of heiroglyphic symbols.Sour Garcia's guest held he had memorized this inherent shape and would share it through Jose out of respect for such free care. In force impetuously, he sketched the symbols on paper."Roll on these writings," he told the insignificant, "and in time you incentive pierce their meaning. It is a magic shape, and by using it, you incentive control the world."Evening came, and as intriguingly as he had appeared out of nowhere, the outcast no more in the mass sadness.Jose followed the instructions he had been susceptible. Day and night he carefulness of nonbeing but the symbols. Time was three restless nights, he knew it was time to plant his seeds. Three months considering, he harvested his first crop of giant onions, cabbages and greens. The footer of Jose Carmen Garcia had begun and his eminence has make everybody court by expression of jaw.Now, communicating including a friend named Oscar Arredondo, Garcia says he wishes the world to support his secret, tranquil if his government won't alleviate.Arredondo, a photographer, has compiled an indicative catalog of Garcia's activities in the form of pictures. He says show in essence isn't suchlike unpredicted about the story of the inherent outcast and his reminder to Jose. The state of Guanajuato is crowd to unusual circle from remote space, he adds, and sophistication report UFO sightings forcefully whichever day.And show are other intriguing facts, Arrendondo asserts, including:o Nicolas Infante, a cultivator, heard the sound of increase in speed water since he reached the 40-foot place for instance digging a well. Infante says the well expels strong bursts of air, and absorbs air at night. He believes he by accident hit a grub concerning two of seven slow-moving volcanos which may house persons from other worlds.o Maria Carmen de Guisma swears she was the caged of extra-terrestrial beings in a space ship for three months.o Dr. Manuel Garcia Rivera, a dwelling medical doctor, says he cared for the being janitor of a hacienda show one of the craters. She told Rivera she used up her bed at 3 a.m. and saw a brassy object on the ground. Four beings, all pleasingly, disembarked and gathered samples of the earth. She described the four as being of intermediate height.These and other incidents support been reported in a dwelling newspaper and in a national magazine, but to date support not generated the interest they frequent to world power."Why isn't the world interested?" asks Arredondo. "If this happened wherever other than Mexico, world scientists and unindustrialized experts would packed there."To repress the validity of Garcia's prophesy, a pepper was issued. On a searing Stroll day in 1978, two crops were harvested on a persist in far from Guanajuato's volcanoes in Tampico. The site had been sure by government unindustrialized specialists, who inspected all seeds through sky-scraping burden and supervised the planting three months earlier to the products.Two farmers had sown counterpart 20-acre plots. One was a dwelling man, the other Jose Carmen Garcia, and whichever step of the rapidly increasing alias, from plowing until keep on products, was under the restive inspection of government agents.The seeds planted by all men were counterpart. No dung was recycled. On the keep on day - the day of products - government scales were trucked to the persist in. It was sunset otherwise have a fight may perhaps be tallied, but the put an end to was never in lack of faith.Crops mature by the cultivator enlisted by the Federal Division of Crop growing averaged 30 tons per acre. Jose's output totaled 105 tons and 690 kilos per acre.Garcia's onions, by way of stalks, stood six feet tall. His cabbages make their trees over a seven foot frame. His collard greens boasted five-foot stalks, honorable delicate the greens he had mature in Guanajuato for manager than 30 kick.The officials climbed indoors their trucks and no more indoors the deteriorating rays. Simply Raul Moreno, a simple government pass who had supposed in Jose from the rule, remained."We would normally put aside these enormous vegetables for research," he held to Garcia, "or come to grips with them for the government. But in the same way as we took you from your persist in, you may come to grips with them yourself and put aside the first city."The following day, the appalling families of Tamaulipas supplementary very surprising vegetables to their light diets - susceptible to them free of arrangement by Jose Carmen Garcia, the untrained cultivator from Guanajuato.A displeased but not disappointed man, Garcia lifeless wonders why, having passed the test, the government has refused to let in what he has lost.The officials of the nurturing turn-off had promised a ensure by Advance Jose Lopez Portillo and officer consciousness, probably a news conference everywhere the Advance would near a medal on Jose, or plausibly fly him to Mexico City to utter his shape to the world.If the Advance himself couldn't motivation it, the officials held, at minimum show would be a ensure by the Member of the clergy of Crop growing.Nevertheless, show has been no ensure by the Advance or his Member of the clergy of Crop growing, no news conference, nonbeing.Asked why he carefulness no officer took him to a great extent, Jose broken his head for a split second. Eventually he replied: "They took it one by one."Garcia has no select to put aside the secret of this almanac phenomenon to himself. He believes vegetables delicate his may perhaps end require wherever in the world if mature in other countries. For three decades, he has attempted to meet the interest and wait of Mexican managerial agencies, but has encountered solely casualness or shocker. Smart support not been able to renounce the existence of Jose's giant cabbages, onions and greens, but they scrutinize his story of how they are mature as invented and - in a model of dialect - out of this world.By Order Robinson for San Diego Private residence and District - date buried

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