Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mariemont Serpent Mound Could Be World Largest
To the untrained eye, there's close special about the ceramic lump that runs for hundreds of feet alongside pictorial Miami Soothe Drive and curves down tabled the finish off of the woodland in the direction of the Mariemont Swimming Set.

At indubitable points, it's indiscernible from the major road in the same way as foliage, honeysuckle and weeds grow on parts of it.

But to the eyes of Learned of Cincinnati anthropology coach Ken Tankersley, this lump is phenomenally special.

By the use of spanking technology, he has identified this lump as the leftovers of a serpent hillock built by Fortification Archaic Indians with 1400 and 1800.

This serpent hillock is 2,952 feet want, manager than amplify the length of the critical Extensive Serpent Deposit in Adams Region, which countless believe to be the chief serpent effigy in the world....

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