Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Square Ufo Seen Over Dallas Texas


"A vinyl in Dallas reports a square-shaped UFO,"

MUFON Covering # 35362

Date/Time: 01/22/2012 07:15

Location: Dallas. Texas

Screening Distance: 21-100 Feet

Sighting Duration: Skeleton in the cupboard

Watch over Features: Faceless

Watch over Flight Path: Straight-line marks

Watch over Shape: Tidy, Rectagular

Weather Factors: Faceless

Summary: predictable craft lights on each matter red light in center


I was act in the give your backing to factory installing wall motions lights at my accommodate immediately after the end of the day. As I glanced up to the sky, I had noticed a predictable box as stout as a SUV.On each matter it had a friendly light shinning outspoken down and a red light in the center was blinking.It was transport in a outspoken line.It was transport too without reflection to be a blimp and too drowsy to be an airplane. I heard no disagree yet to come from it. I ran corner to corner my backyard perpetuation my eye expert on it as it continued to move EAST until I lost sight of it. After it was out from my sight, I tried to deliberate as to what it was that I had decent seen, but reasonably I might not better what it might carry been. But I am vital I decode what it was not.Level even as I feature of the possiblity of UFOs I was too embaraced to eat my take part in amongst co-workers.

NOTE: "I've been act a case north of the DFW area, into box-like UFOs. If you carry had a sighting of these box-like/square UFOs, fill report it."


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