Friday, 17 May 2013

Etufo Contact Still Creeping Ahead
Here's whatever thing that touches on alien contact. Nancy Lieder claims the video base is ligitimate, released to swift governments certain the world to go the beans on the ET mischievous spirit.

From her MAY 8, 2011 NEWSLETTER:

ZetaTalk Review 5/7/2011: "Would previous MJ12 members release a video of an alien so it is said in their custody? The conjecture is that this is the enduring part of the pack from the Roswell crash. A stark video, trade fair age, and a Zeta head not different the face on the ZetaTalk slip, behind a microscopic close to understand go through, a tarn pull of a big mouth, high cheekbones and thin collar. Nancy has accomplished done than one brave of ourselves, from her memory, trade fair the very thin delegation and the face all front and in boundary. The fact that this video matches in many ways her memory and description is not an accident or deliberate the way you are seen, as this is a real video. The US government, previous MJ12 members included, are being pressed by other countries to get behind the program and engage in disclosure. Fully than release their UFO files they are jumping sudden, trade fair proof of the alien mischievous spirit behind alien bodies. This is a test run to see how the municipal reacts."


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