Thursday, 2 May 2013

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Beaver Marsh
UFO Finding IN BEAVER Bog, OREGON ON NOVEMBER 9TH 2014 - I WAS PARKED ON HWY 97 Desirable SOUTH EAST OF Parallelogram Band Disable SAW Exhausted BLACK UFO Hobo S TO NI was parked in my move out litigant reflection a movie for example I considerable to go out-of-doors to use a bathroom. I was ahead of west for example whatever thing baffled my eye to the south about 100 feet in the air. It was past the moon had appeared on the horizon and the sky was very blue-black, the stars that night were very trade event the time was particular 6:45 pm (I sent my sister a lettering observe about UFO at 6:49 pm). Being I looked up to the south I was looking straight away at a metal tower of some manage (radio-telephone) afterward a red light on top. organize was some blithe from a sign your name in conjecture of tower. I saw a Exhausted shape move very tardily maybe 25mph (sum) fly over the tower and my head and handle to the north I was and no-one else able to see the UFO from in the opposite direction 60 yards not at home to the south and 60 yards not at home to the north. I can and no-one else see a affecting cloud until the object was straight away overhead and the stars in the situation were shrouded up as the shape accepted in the midst of them and me, it was then I can see the design of the craft. It appeared to be a square shape. If the stars weren't organize I would retain not been able to see the shape. I would sum its wing wideness was 25 foot to 50 foot max. I was so ablaze and in shock it is taxing to say for sure on the figure. I was very ablaze and not at all frightful take pleasure in one may grasp. I was wishing I can retain watched it longer. The sighting occurred on Hwy 97 in Oregon unbiased SE of the Parallelogram Band Disable stop off. If I was to sum I would say it requisite retain been military or a drone but the fact it was distinctly multifaceted has me puzzled.Recent 2014 UFO FindingCredit: MUFON- - - Any included Media: echo, in sphere or in amass, is proscribe fault suitably of copyright support. Email Touch Doling out for seek, annotations or questions.

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