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The Roswell Briefing
Posted: December 26, 2007

Date: 1976

Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Poll has been talk to a male, who was a LT. COL, USAFR (Ret). (He was a F-111 pilot amongst the 27th Tactical Pugilist Wing stationed at Cannon AFB firm Clovis, New Mexico from 1973 to Respected 1977). His important email to me was over a post/report I sent out which I entitled, "Cannon, AFB - UFOs, Burned Circles & Cow Pedestal Mutilated". Similarly in the fellows communiqu to me, the man mentioned that he was one of brusquely 48 officers who time-honored the "Roswell Succinct" in June of 1976 at the base. I wrote substantiation to him asking if he vigor be cordial satisfactory to yield me amongst what was supposed at the concise, so under is what the fellow sent to me. The "Roswell Succinct" is in one of the two jpg images in which he sent swallow, whichever are of dictation information.

HBCC UFO Poll is of course interested in any pristine information that being vigor be able to grant from military undisclosed who may bear been at this concise substantiation in 1976, or any information from being who has skillfulness of the goings on over the Roswell Deterioration. You can accost me at or by visiting my website which is provided in this report. I to boot can be contacted at 250 845 2189. Draw twig that everyone's undisclosed information is set aside in principle all-embracing and is not liable out to being. The information character vigor be able to grant can be especially grand.

Thank you, Brian Vike - Point of HBCC UFO Poll.

Brian, I bear included pages 1 and 3 of my "The Roswell Succinct" which I penned in the mid 1990s. The concise may, in fact, bear been less than than 5 proceedings in duration.? Most of the information has been well do ented in volumes of Roswell lore buy the likes of Randle, Schmitt, Friedman, etc.

The solitary discharge doubtless is that the concise officer mentioned the probable heave of the craft's collapse as strong-willed by the USAF fall over investigation pair ?

If current is doesn't matter what momentous about all this, it's honestly that a USAF intelligence officer, concise from an majesty government do ents, disclosed to a group of military aircrew members details of an genius which officially never happened.

The F-111s bear longing beyond from the base ? The navy was de-activated and the first intelligence officer moved out moving mission reportedly to seize a bear amongst an intelligence agency at a aloof consecutive.

The Roswell Succinct was conducted in June 1976.? It was a abounding 20 vivacity to come I jotted down my recollections.? Senator Goldwater in imitation of affirmative on a dawn talk show that he did try to promote infringement to the now famous Note down 18.?

As far as I'm gentle, that forlorn was satisfactory for me to dispel any harm the reputation of about the seriousness of the concise officer's certain.? Guaranteed would worship to bear seen the letterhead on his do ent, nonetheless.

Warmest Regards.

The two dictation images momentum be added after I get clothes figured out. (HBCC UFO)

I would worship to thank the fellow for method swallow the information, it is knowingly wanted.

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