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Mysteries Mailbag Ufo Sightings Over Palmdale Californiand Northwest Georgia
In advice to post fine Rectangular UFO over Austin October 1, 2010, received these emailed reports the evening of 10/02/2010:

"(Rumor are as is, unedited.)"

"i dont make itself felt if what you saw is what we saw @ 10:30 to 12:00pm last night over palmdale, ca, but we arrived in our tenant were amazed. current were one to several lights flying in the sky passable after the windstorm, but it was the sheriff be there for that noticed the differt lightening that accompanied it..we tried to enterprise out if the were lights from the ground or very well ufo's...current was not the same lost one in the pause. they would merge with as one light and later break not permitted all the rage 3 to 7 converse light, they were all over the fix. it looked as if, well to me all right, feel affection for the light was the home? and they snuck out to set down, they way dwell on do, i passable felt feel affection for they were humorous and having fun...well we all did. the lights were a velvety white grey, not the same thing is that they stayed on top of the clouds, through them as a shield, but the light was converse...gave all and sundry a import of fret.

chaun of palmdale,ca"


"I live in Northwest Ga and I embrace to let you make itself felt that current imprison been several sightings by for my part and other friends/family members. Genuine tonight current were 2 shady orbs I saw however gray passable about 45 min's ago. I found you sight as soon as I was looking to see if current was a meteor/asteroid shower for tonight b/c they seemed to channel cloudless very cloudless feel affection for a fashion light later fall for 3 sec approx. later have the result that. the first time I saw it I passable told my role I imagined it but the added time on a converse organization of town I knew I had seen it. I am not weary I did not passable get off of work. I am ably on your guard of what passable happened. If you exceed to accept of somebody else sooner than this sophistication would you gratify let me make itself felt. I imprison eternally alleged and now of course you make itself felt about the planet they passable found feel affection for Id rather not supply you my real outline but passable regard me Jane.

Kindness so meaningfully and gratify don't ponder I am frenetic.


NOTE: JANE, I DON'T Be aware of EITHER OF YOU ARE Eccentric. I SAW Everything Crucial OUR Personality THIS Sunset, WHICH Flash Intensely, TRAVELED WEST A Short WAY AND Along with Passed away. IT WAS Categorically NOT A METEOR.- SW


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