Friday, 26 September 2014

The Morphing Insect Black Helicopter
One recurring UFO related dream is the morphing helicopter or plane image. The setting is anywhere, usually urban, usually night, but daytime and pastoral settings occur as well. I look up in the sky, sometimes it's quite active up there with plane and or helicopter activity, sometimes, blimps -- anyway, all man made, mundane objects. Then it becomes clear that one or two of these planes morph into UFOs. At that point in the dream, I realize the planes, helicopters and so on are not the harmless everyday objects we assume them to be, but UFOs, and worse, there is always a very sinister intent to these things. Sometimes the UFOs are operated by humans, yet at the same time, they're not quite human. Aliens in human disguise, or humans that have become traitors to humanity. What's interesting is that, while the intent is very, very clear -- aliens, their presence, their actions -- I can't see them. They are still invisible, still under cover, still hidden. Humans posed as "us," acting as a buffer or decoy, yes, but the aliens themselves remain, as always in my memory as well as my dreams, unseen.

So last night I have another one of these dreams. This time it wasn't so surprising at all; I just finished reading Nick Redfern's Real Men in Black, and was listening to Coast to Coast with guest Robert M. Stanley. ("Close Encounters of Capitol Hill, Covert Encounters in Washington, D.C.") And, I've just started Colin Bennett's "Flying Saucers Over the White House."

"Night time, big city, like Portland. I'm with Jim. As dreams will, while we're in Portland, apartments, traffic, we're also at our house (Eugene, small, quiet) anyway, we are outside, and above our house/tall buildings, we see a black helicopter flying very low above us. It's a hundred feet or less above us, and it is so black! The color of this thing has an emotion -- it's not just a color, it's an energy, a being. And it's malevolent. I do not like it one bit; we're both scared to death. This black -- deep, deep energy crawling black helicopter -- is after us. The black helicopter is fuzzy, in parts, that's how alive the entire thing is, including, especially, the color. In fact, the helicopter is like a giant black wasp or insect. "

"Jim and I dash into a cab, and as we're riding away, we can see the helicopter following us. As we watch, the helicopter morphs into a blimp. I have a moment of calm: "Oh, it's just a blimp, " and the fleeting idea that the helicopter was some kind of publicity thing for the blimp. Then the blimp appears, but something is off. It doesn't look quite like a blimp. The logo or company name isn't one I recognize, and the blimp looks weak, like a cheap imitation. It looks kind of flimsy and small for a blimp. Then I realize that it's not a blimp at all, just more camouflage. We get scared all over again. As soon as I realize it's not a benign blimp, it turns into a UFO. A massive, looming UFO with no good intent."

Original public domain image source:Helicopter by Peter Griffin


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