Monday, 15 September 2014

X Conference 2008 Angelia Joiner On Stephenville Texas Ufo Sightings

"ANGELIA JOINER'S INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT EMENEGGER AT THE 2008 X-CONFERENCE" BY ANGELIA JOINER Special Correspondent The Jerry Pippin Show ANGELIA - I'm here with Robert Emenegger and actually we're still in the ballroom. We just finished a marathon speakers panel, didn't we Bob? BOB - It was horrendous. ANGELIA - It was at least two hours and we did get some interesting questions but we're glad that's over, right? BOB - Yes, it's all behind us for now. ANGELIA - I first met Bob at the Ozark Conference last week and we've already become great friends and we're having so much fun that we really haven't talked that much about the whole UFO phenomena, right? BOB - That's true. ANGELIA - Okay, so tell me how you got involved in this.MORE >>>>


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