Friday, 28 June 2013

David Sereda Nasa Dilemma Caught On Tape
NASA'S DILEMMA: UFOS Baffled ON CAMERA, next David Sereda. David Sereda discusses his typical UFO sighting in Berkley, CA in 1967, "The same as you see video and photographs, from the perspective of having seen a UFO next your own eyes, eyes that never lie, the photographs summon up you of the truth that this is all real. But for the person who has never seen one next their eyes, they arbitrator perhaps this is all slightly arrangement of charisma." Forever consequent the Astronauts on a few Apollo mission, David Sereda grew up next the venerate of spaceflight. He has specifically followed sternly the whiz kid of Astronaut Gordon Cooper, the narrative next the "expert stuff" who each happens to be the most utter on the publish of extraterrestrial-related phenomena. As far as Sereda is benevolent, if Gordon Cooper says it's real, you can sneak that to the stack. In 1994, Martyn Stubbs, the Canadian UFO learned, who archived hundreds of hours of live NASA missions, approached David to comportment a mechanical investigation here anomalies next NASA video footage. He used up 6 living in private consideration next top NASA officials and scientists about these anomalies. In 2002, he released a book and 3-hour documentary film, Power, the Container for NASA UFOs. He will oration the connotation of UFO technology, the hound for a supraluminal propulsion system and fitting free of the bonds of planet earth!

And each, go to to chill out to their 04/24/09 audition next D. Sereda, in vogue...

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