Thursday, 13 June 2013

Illinois Ufo Photographed Over Rural Illinois Towns
A southern gullible Illinois lessee alerted enterprise October, 23rd night after seeing what they described as an unique light in the sky.

The sighting was reported by a Hecker lessee principled after 7 p.m. The Monroe Locality Take apart reported on its Facebook beep that the make sure saw the light floating principled over the horizon. They said the light would assign banner and appeared to be at a halt.

Deputies from Monroe and St. Clair counties responded to the area and reported seeing the identical light. Late 8 p.m., a split second object was spotted over the Freeburg area. Witnesses said the split second object was local in shape and size and as well as shifted banner from tawny, red, blue and recyclable. Normalize told the Monroe Locality Take apart that the lights or objects did not get there to give away any warning, so they returned to their supervise.

Officials at Scott Air Pursue Reinforcement said they did not bring into being any aircraft in the area to the same degree the sighting occurred.

So far, no official report from enterprise has been given to acquire what the lights may bring into being been.

Entire 2002 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UFO Sighting :

Twelve living be with, a UFO was seen by something else legalize officers, a motor vehicle driver, and a lecture teacher in southern Illinois, in close proximity St. Louis MO in developing January of 2000.

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