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Af Roswell Study Contributor Admits It Was Et By Anthony Bragalia
The Lt. Colonel who was a secret band to the Air Force's majestic 1997 picture that ended that the Roswell ET crash of 1947 is a "myth"- now states that the Air Force's Roswell report is itself a lie. The Colonel goes encouragement to state that what he truthfully believes to be decent is that aliens truly did crash to Place decades ago! He adds that he was "second hand" and that the the essayist of the Air Compel report "was on a delegation" in the midst of no pursuit in discovering what truthfully happened at Roswell.In the Air Force's hand out Roswell Report: Basket Stopped up (authored by Wits Representative Person in charge James McAndrew in 1997) the Roswell crash is debunked. The report serves as the US Air Force's majestic and "unchangeable secure" on the issue. Person in charge McAndrew explains in the Air Compel report that "crash test dummies" that dropped from airplanes were deceptive by witnesses for the assumed Roswell "aliens." McAndrew contends that bring to a close ranchers -when confronted in the midst of these humanoid facts laying on the give up floor-confused them in one way to be creatures from additional world. An bet on Air Compel Roswell report had ended that the "craft" that was witnessed was truly a fallen top-secret "Entrepreneur" spy inflate project.Lt. Col. Raymond Madson, now 79, a minute ago aligned to this essayist that he was the Hurl Representative that led the Air Force's "crash test puppet" program, unambiguous as "Hurl Large Leap" from 1956-1960 at Holloman Air Compel Flooring. He intended and managed tests that second hand anthropomorphic dummies in aerial "puppet hint" tests. These tests were tome of an Air Compel project to acquaint with ways to undamagingly parachute pilots from aircraft at very high altitudes. He weathered and analyzed problem that pilots may perhaps encounter in the midst of the confiscation mechanisms for bailing out of new era aircraft.Lt. Col. Madson is for a long time quoted and referred to by Person in charge McAndrew almost the Air Force's Roswell debunking report, issued in book form. His witness is found on area 180. Madson however provided regular of the famous crash test puppet pictures second hand in the book. He says that he ready it clear to McAndrew that although the "dummies could be deceptive for whatever thing they are not" - they could never be deceptive for quick alien beings! Madson was visited by Person in charge McAndrew for in-person interviews over a episode of two life span. Madson told McAndrew that the dummies did not dignitary alien- and that qualities would direct that these are "essentially splendid dolls." Madson with spoken to McAndrew that the episode of time in which these puppet hint tests occured could not feasibly accord in the midst of the time of the Roswell event- the trial were too regular go apart from one additional. McAndrew listened -but did not comment- on Madson's situation. Madson with whispered to McAndrew that "we were unhappy in the midst of these 6' dummies to try to protection grown men. The aliens reported at Roswell were whispered to be child-sized."In fact, McAndrew's Roswell report did not shield Madson's real situation on the issue at all! It appears as even if McAndrew approve of to get advantageous annotations out of Madson to be then second hand to encourage the crash puppet program explanation for the alien bodies. McAndrew took Madson's lettering and to be found them in the Air Compel debunking report in such a way that it did not liberate the truth about the way Madson truly felt about the design of the Roswell event!Madson says that the give an account that he signed for McAndrew (which appears in the report) was accurate, but that -in the context of the absolute Air Compel report- it is erroneous. Madson feels that he was "second hand for purposes" and that his suggest was misrepresented- he did not "buy in the field of" the aspect of his "Air Compel dummies as aliens." Madson adds that the dummies had tags on them in the midst of fill in for realization a 25 reimburse for their replicate. He says that this is additional chat why the Air Compel explanation makes no wisdom secular. Clearly McAndrew approve of to get all of the history details from Madson about the puppet hint program that he could (details that absolutely Madson could impart) and furthermore paradigm all of this information appear to encourage the Air Compel debunking pains.Madson got an "troubled" feeling about the hone question mark. He now wonders why the Air Compel however felt duty-bound in the first time-out to use up in the midst of an explanation for "held bodies" consequential from a crash "that allegedly never happened." He adds, "The hone power to however do that is distinct, now that I signal support on it."We discussed that the Air Compel had (in 1994) in the past issued a "unchangeable secure" debunking report on Roswell, explaining that the crash resulted from a top-secret Entrepreneur inflate project. Why furthermore the power in 1997-three go later- to use up in the midst of yet additional "unchangeable secure" report detailing the explanation, this time for the bodies? If it was a inflate, furthermore that want take been the end of the question mark. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, "Methinks doth demo too radically." McAndrew objected so radically to the aspect of the ET design of the crash that he lost confidence and he has given away a dense mind.Madson furthermore becomes choice emphatic: "I didn't status McAndrew. In fact, I don't however choose him. I don't choose the way that he operates." Madson goes on to say that he however gave McAndrew one of the famous photos of the crash test dummies that are second hand almost the Air Compel debunking report. Madson states that McAndrew never returned any of the another provisions that he had accessible to McAndrew for counterfeit. Madson whispered that after the Air Force's Roswell report was issued and he explain it -alarmed- he called McAndrew commonly, but McAndrew never returned Madson's calls. So wound up was Madson that he debated whether to call McAndrew's Air Compel towering.Nicely evocatively Madson now says that, "McAndrew was sent on a delegation." These days he had no skepticism that McAndrew "was assigned to transfer out a order" that was rumored to "awaken a set young person." I asked him, "Was McAndrew on a delegation to disclose the truth about Roswell?" Madson severely hang around, "No, he was on a delegation." Asked if he felt that McAndrew himself held his own report's conclusions, Madson paused and once more intoned, "McAndrew was sent on a delegation."But Madson goes far out of illustration that the Air Compel second hand his "crash puppet program" as a feeble explanation and "cover story" to uncover the stories of Roswell alien beings.Astoundingly, Madson believes that an extraterrestrial crash truly had happened - and that the bodies were stored for a episode of time at Wright Patterson! He bases this on the fact that he himself had served at Wright Patterson in the at the forefront 1950's -before goodbye to Holloman AFB to command the crash puppet tests. He in isolation had heard -just a few go after the Roswell event- flatly from "others who would take been sited to direct" that donate was a "very manage capacity" at the base that served as the power time-out for the alien bodies that were excel from a crash sometime upfront he began use at Wright. Though he was intrigued by what he had heard about all of this, he told me, "you unemotional didn't ask a hone lot of questions choose that in group life span." Madson adds, "I run that the talk was vital, but that the issue was held in reserve correctly secret at the time." Madson with feels that it is anticipated that donate is a reverse-engineering program of the excel technology in time-out that he says, "is absolutely obtainable by group in the midst of a Entail to Grasp."While makes this however choice exciting is that Col. Madson met Mrs. Madson -his deliberate wife- while employed at Wright in the at the forefront 1950's. Mrs. Madson was employed at the time as a secretary for Wright's base healing laboratory. Marvelously, she had with been ordeal the very exceedingly "scuttlebutt" as heard by her soon-to-be consort. She had been told by one of group that she had worked in the midst of about child-sized beings "from additional world" who had crashed to Place. Sooner or later above to her use they had been retrieved, brought support to the base and furthermore arduous to yourself.Madson says, "we whichever knew not to say anything radically to every person other about it at the time. But today, my next of kin can't unscramble training about it- and neither can I."


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