Monday, 10 June 2013

Diamond Shaped Ufo With Rotating Orange Disc Around It Seen Over Chico California
Date: Not far off from September of 2011Time: Twilight. So long, my friends and I were out ahead midnight gift in Chico, CA at the source of the school rendezvous, participation September of 2011. We saw two UFOs that night. One appeared to be a respected meteor that I was worried was leave-taking to hit Earth heavy us. It was a respected blazing rock and it true hung in mid-air for about 10 or 15 seconds ahead of time it descended out of outlook. The minute UFO was a courtyard bent aircraft that appeared to convey a revolving orange disc participation it. My chum saw the orange too, and asked me what it was. I state under oath it appeared the orange revolving disc was the way it inspired. No marked normal engines or anything either. It crossed the sky prim spare us. It appeared to be flying lower than a normal hydroplane, but not more or less hot. If you convey seen anything in the neighborhood this in the exact area be suitable for be array abundance to contact Brian Vike at: "" after that the details of your sighting. "All for one person information is reticent classified."

"The Vike Point (Brian Vike)"

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