Thursday, 30 August 2012

Former Alaskan Senator Claims Government Confirms Ufo
The government has indirectly confirmed its conspiracy on UFOs and aliens. This was what the former U.S. Senator from Alaska said in an interview, following the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure event at the National Press Club last Week.

Mike Gravel said that the top government officials have been lying to the public when asked about UFO incidents and national security when Air Force nuclear missile launch officers made their statements. He made it clear that he is sure that what retired Captains Bruch Fenstermacher, David Schindele and Robert Salas as well as former Security Policeman Sgt. David Scott revealed during the convention only showed the government has been hiding important about extraterrestrials and the so-called unidentified flying machines.

Captain Salas was the co-host of the press conference "UFOs and Nukes" with researcher Robert Hastings during which ongoing UFO activity at nuclear sites of the U.S. during Cold War was revealed by seven AF veterans.

Hastings has interviewed hundreds of veterans in the U.S. Military about their involved in UFO cases and nuclear sites over the years. Source

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