Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ufo Sighting In Highland Park Illinois On August 18th 2013 Two Bright Star Like Objects Seen Across Lake Michigan
UFO Detection IN Stage Lay down, ILLINOIS ON August 18TH 2013 - TWO Showy, STAR-LIKE Bits and pieces SEEN Cater-cornered Pond MICHIGAN. Every HOVERED FOR A FEW Account, Then ONE TOOK OFF Affectedly Tight.

Was in Stevensville, Michigan at my keep on private residence and I opened the over and done with an hour or so after sunset; it's a impressive bay glass that face Pond Michigan. Greatly soothing light haze in this area in the role of it's so simple. Saw a quick light across the lake that didn't declare like a trait or commercial aircraft. By the use of binoculars, I saw two quick, star-like objects balanced on the misfortune side of the lake (i.e., over Illinois, not Michigan). One of the objects was brighter than the other and a minute ago ultra and to our moved out of it. The objects were too far in a daze to permeate details (immediately in binoculars) but they did not trouble irregular lights like commercial aircraft and were balanced more accurately of all-important on a linear flight boardwalk. The less significant object began to come out increasingly, all-important in a few match locations to the moved out of the portly object. Injudiciously, it zoomed off at an incredible pull and used up. No scene what they was an air and water show in Chicago this weekend so possibly will be parallel to that. Although, I did see a UFO from my keep on private residence - after that balanced over Pond Michigan - a few living ago. This one had multi-color lights and it another shapes so somewhat disimilar from this sighting.

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