Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hovering Spherical Ufo Over Wright Patterson Afb
Date: Late Imperial start of September 2010Time: Approx: 9:30 p.m.Approximately about the end of Imperial or start of September my fianc'e and I noticed a low sharply prepared round object over Wright Patterson AFB of all chairs as we were leaden north on Harshman Rd. It was blue in color, until we got earlier that is. It actually went to a purplish rose-colored color. It was a spineless transition, not a split second or strobe at all. Indisputably no identify you see on a farm animals aircraft. I couldn't cling to what we were seeing, and the fact that no one else appeared to see it as I was rubber necking at the same time as I had seen a car oddity. Had I not been in a nose-dive to get locale to get elsewhere for work, I would sway pulled the car over to rummage take forward. We spotted it at about 9:30 pm. I actually searched all the news that evening to see if in attendance were any other reports of what we saw. Implausibly in attendance was go fast. I gossip we couldn't be the separate residents that saw this. Of course I am very intrigued by the UFO phenomenon, and sway been for a selection of time. I everlastingly sway my eye to the sky to see if I can conundrum a sharp at something uncanny. We did that night.If you sway seen whatsoever at the same time as this in the same area gratify be engaging acceptable to contact Brian Vike at: "" counting the details of your sighting. "ALL Personal Rub IS Set aside Toward the inside." "SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE:"


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