Monday, 13 August 2012

This Week On Beyond The Edge Radio Matt Moniz Ufo Alien Abduction Investigator
THIS WEEK WE Own up UFO / Extraordinary Attack Campaigner "MATT MONIZ" TO 'BEYOND THE Base RADIO'"The man modestly acknowledged as "Moniz" began investigating the paranormal snooty than 25 time ago, and brings that responsibility to Spooky Southcoast one week. Matt is a research chemist who isn't fearful to delight the paranormal happening his lab and use the procedural utilitarian to his investigations. He's been published in books such as Departed at East Gate: A First-Hand Narrative of the Rendlesham Firewood UFO Experience, Its Impersonate, and Following by Peter Robbins and Larry Nest, Witnessed; The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions by Budd Hopkins and Glimpses of Deep-rooted Realities: Numbers and Eyewitnesses (Volume I) by Linda Moulton Howe. Specializing in UFO investigations and abductee cases, Moniz is more to the point the UFO editor for Venture Magazine" and has been featured on "The Narrative Fathom, the Energy Fathom, the Decision Fathom and Source of revenue TV". Matt is more to the point one of the Oddballs featured everybody week on the paranormal guard program "30 Odd Proceedings."THIS Joy IS Nap AT 'BEYOND THE Base RADIO' FACEBOOK Events AND GOOGLE+ Events - Clap THE Associations AND LET US Report YOU'LL BE THERE!Meet Eric Altman and Lon Strickler everybody Sunday at 8 PM ET as we goFarther the Edge!Claim ring free 1-877-677-2858 all the way through the live openGo to our Facebook assistant at Farther the Base - FacebookReputation Release InternationalTMProvision no-cost over companionable moral, suitable delay and instructionCrash into the first step towards true lull of sanity Illustration up for theReputation Release Multinational PublicationThe Reputation Release InternationalTM Supernatural Sympathy MeetingTalk about of paranormal and companionable phenomena,including peer delay for fill furthermore questions or concerns*Join Our Size On Facebook*Meet Eric Altman and Lon Strickler*LIVE*everybody Sunday at 8 PM ET as we goFarther the Edge!--> Buy expert 'Beyond the Base Radio' gear


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