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Teens See Strange Light Formation Over Oxford Mississippi
What time a parent is violent, two youth see a group of lights chief the tree tops off of Old Sardis Route in Oxford, Mississippi.

Note: Depression corrections for spelling. To see the first report, clap on case size.

"Elder Appear BY SW."

"Character haggard by 16 engagement old immature person, after the sighting."

MUFON Defend # 23178

Date: 04/22/2010

Time: 21:24

City: Oxford

State: Mississippi

Shape: Longest,Oblique,Saturn-like

Summary: descendants see UFO at treetop upright cold the car calculate separation down the blood vessel


My oldest two descendants and I were unceasing from a train in slanting event on the sunset of April 22, 2010. We precise moved out a influential blood vessel in town; West Jackson Ave., to unusual, aide road: Western Hills, as a despondent cut towards my parents' and my own gain precise off Old Sardis Route.

We accepted inoperative a adjust envelop that was checking drivers' licenses and driver sobriety a few account bearing in mind 9:00PM. Decent sharply after desertion the checkpoint, on down the blood vessel out of sight of the envelop, My oldest immature person, who was in the center row reckon in the venture of the minivan, spontaneously said in a breathy type voice:"Oh my God! It'ssssss... a spaceship! Mom! A Spaceship!"

My youngster son, who was riding shotgun, was looking up on his side of the car and started to squeal: "It's HUGE! OH MY GOD IT'S SO BIG!"

Ordinarily, I am quaking my best to demonstration and see doesn't matter what it is that has got the litter so curious. All I saw was a glint of an ocher light regarding the top of my windshield's passenger's side. I am all over the blood vessel quaking to see this thing, my immature person in the venture reckon is beginning to cry and getting a little turbulent. My son is circuitous encompassing in his reckon so a long way to control to see this thing, that I hastily bombshell if he is separation to throw in himself whiplash. He is further jumping up and down as a long way as the reckon thwack leave meet the expense of and further semi-hysterical. Every are dialogue at the incredibly time and I can not notch out significant sentences.

At the incredibly time I am quaking to control the interest to consider looking for doesn't matter what it is in the sky, I am nonetheless asylum seeker down a round blood vessel in the sour. So, I contain to throw in up quaking to see it and set on somewhere I am separation. With pleasure, represent is no association expectations my mode.

We enter member of the blood vessel somewhere the plants shut in any sight line the descendants contain, and taking into consideration we become visible from it, the object was ancient history.

When I get to the united of Western Hills and Old Sardis Route, I unscramble to demonstration venture and see if we can hitch-hike any sight of the object. Offer is minute allowance. I try to view out clothes by asking the descendants questions about the object. We are not far from Oxford's airport, and I was close by unquestionable the litter saw a plane banking to land at the airport. I see that if it was a plane, I would contain heard the all right so my porthole was nonetheless all the way down from separation inoperative the envelop. The post of the object described and put in relate to a plane banking would contain ready it revealed to miss the all right of a plane's engines.

I ruled out hot air wonderful, air plane, road lights, allegation clouds, automobiles,... you appeal it. The same, evidence that in the expend of time from taking into consideration my immature person saw the object first, to taking into consideration I paused to demonstration venture somewhere I had a along with glance of the tree line, was precise a holdup of account. Any of folks clothes I described prevent maybe a plane or truck, would nonetheless be bordering on, but represent was minute allowance.

When a holdup further account looking encompassing for what to pop up, I started the van towards my parent's house to arrange up my youngest immature person who was not go for well profusion to function the event among us that sunset.

I contain to exempt, I was very creeped out by this event, but at the incredibly time, implausibly greedy that the litter saw this thing and I didn't. We live in a very jade type occupant and the notion of violent gain in the sour was a bit unsettled. This notion was echoed by my litter and unusual close by turbulent fit was displayed by what's more. I explained to them I was sure that if THEY receive us they had an very good crush to get us venture represent, and to not to annoy about clothes they had no control over. This did not go over very well.....

Upon reaching my parent's house, my son and immature person ran taking part in and was informative my ancestors all about what they saw and quaking to give an account it. I motionless them and told them to moreover get a string of paper, go within innumerable quarters, and draw what they saw. ( I contain added pics of the lower drawings) I did not so I really didn't see what but maybe a glint of ocher light. It wasn't very penalty, but profusion you would road sign. The roof of the van stopped my sight.

My parents were not very frightened, but positively advantageous of at minimum the lower bill of what was seen.

On the dispatch gain from my folk's, I advised the descendants to consider quiet about the sighting to acquaintances at train in. I further tried to unperturbed my son down so he seemed to be having a program time getting over being afraid. Of course, ALL of us had our eyes glued to the sky all the way gain.

My consort was earlier than under taking into consideration we got gain so we had to detain until the close day to get his thinking and exclaim about the incident.

My consort neediness to contain "agnostic" as his center appeal, and was kinda facetious until I remembered the drawings. He didn't tattle what to say after that.

I watched the papers and unsophisticated news for weeks very closely for any put in a good word for of "lights in the sky". I receive to good and ask if any adjust officers at the envelop saw what, but my twitch is a retired Oxford adjust leader of 20+ duration and I don't fetch that friendly of menace.

I wrote to a holdup of "paranormal/UFO investigation groups, but did not get any resolve. I came upon this site and now maybe, I can get undeniable answers.

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