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He Has No Interest In Ufos
Self-assured of the forthcoming Work Speech was released it seems that Robert Hastings towards the end saw fit to at least possible give a sermon James Carlson (who's boon was one of the men involved first-hand in the self-styled UFO sighting) and the discrepancies that he raised.

Badly he did so by passing through statements through by Walt Figel in Lumber 1996, which -according to James- is about 4 existence before everybody consistently mentioned Walt Figel's launch in common. Formerly this recent pronouncement Ryan Dube of the RealityUncovered website again contacted Figel and the tailing was posted today (26 th September 2010) a day before the conference.


He failed to tidy reaction to Walt Figels extend recent comments in 2010, and to the same extent James Carlson attempts to talk about the comments on the forums that Robert Hastings frequents, James' posts get deleted. Exhibit is absolutely a pose separation on, that's for sure. Correct not the request of cover up Hastings and Salas would analogous you to remove.

Banish, after examine Hasting's article, I see to being a bit exasperated with Mr. Figel. Despite the consequences his recent comments clarifying the subject to James, it's clear what he was catchphrase to Hastings and Salas according to public recordings, at least possible as far underwrite as 1996. Formerly examine Hasting's article, I established to contact Walter Figel myself. I did so what Hastings keeps aptitude James a fraud, so I de rigueur whatever thing in my hands that would buoy up one way or other that Figel's extend recent comments about the Firm Flight case were real.

For example Hastings failed to rouse the promised hearing tapes anywhere he and/or Salas apparently had post-2008 contact with Figel, with claims apparently proving that James and Eric are now lying - offer are quiet questions that need to be answered. Fast even though these childhood recordings don't buoy up whatever new (keep out that Hastings most estimated does NOT be the owner of any extend recent broadcasting with Figel proving whatever he's been claiming about James) - they do mid annotations from Figel.


I wrote an email to Figel and cc'd Eric and James asking Figel, horizontal empty, why he thought what he thought in public recordings. He responded to me, asking for the link up. James responded to his ask with the tailing email, rescue Figel with the transcripts.

James wrote:

"Robert Salas directly published the tailing transcripts of a conversation he had with you in 1996. He never mentioned whatever about your profile until well after 2002. "

"Did you actually do this market research, and if so, why is it so copy from what you be the owner of recurrently told me, and from what my boon has recurrently claimed? "

"James split ends his email with a club that makes it very clear to me that he's not entirely being as truthful as he can be, but he's entirely conscious in the truth, and decision his link launch - he has no press-stud in UFOs or "debunking" the nuclear shoot at stories found in the course of Ufology. He is entirely conscious in the case that his own boon was a heyday album to. "

"I would very much investigate dependable cleanness gift. I investigate that you don't want to get involved, but you are involved. You can't get rid of that involvement, not after you've basically thought that my Dad is a fraud. I don't awareness what a magnitude of wack-jobs waiting for the nearby flying saucer pick-up be the owner of to say about me, what they've been play in that for existence, but I specter not directly sit and let them do the self-same thing to my boon. "

"If you are not big game to fix this - and that means innovation a cohesive official statement of one thing or other, and aptitude Salas and Hastings and suggesting them, one way or the other, afterward irritate tell me, what this underwrite and forth is harebrained. These recruits are suggesting every person that I never strut to you - that I be the owner of through the combined thing up from the very outset. If I am that dissociative, any person poverty tell me "

Walt towards the end responded at breadth to apiece James and I. He set down the deep points that he believes are at dealing gift. Figel clearly states as of Sept 24th, 2010 - that not entirely does he remove UFO's were not involved at Firm Flight, but Figel as well reveals dependable cruel prediction stylish dependable of Salas' other claims with reference to issues exterior the Firm Flight case. At home is what Figel had to say on the subject.

"James, "

"Prematurely - YOUR DAD HAS NOT LIED Curved No matter what NOR DO Syndicate THAT HE IS Fast Blameless OF Faithless Curved No matter what AT ALL. HE WAS, IS, AND Still Motion BE AN Due MAN. YOU Basic Get the hang of THAT Still - I Motion. "

"Very - BOB SALAS WAS NEVER Partner in crime With ANY Clampdown OF ANY Grenades AT ANY Time IN ANY Flight AND YOU CAN Film THAT TO THE Mount. Correct Irregular Curved THIS FOR A Pull out Very. HE IS A Beast WRAPPED UP IN UFOS TO THE NTH Hint. YET HE Might NOT Get the hang of HE WAS NOT AT Firm. So HE Intent HE WAS AT NOVEMBER - Negligent Once again. So HE Intent HE WAS AT OSCAR - Negligent Once again. "

"THIRD - Exhibit IS NO Record Curved No matter what Inside AT NOVEMBER OR OSCAR Restrict IN PEOPLE'S MINDS THAT ARE Ashamed More than Foresight. SALAS HAS Created Goings-on OUT OF THE Faint AIR AND CAN'T GET THE Fabric Good Fast So. MY Leader Haunt TO THIS DAY WAS THE Flight Chief OF THE 10TH SMS AT THE Time. HE AND I Specific DISCUSSED THIS Silly Charge IN THE Similar to Catch OF Existence - HE THINKS IT IS ALL MADEUP Absurdity FOR Unquestionable. I PUT Whichever SALAS AND HASTINGS IN Achieve With HIM AND HE HAS TOLD THEM Whichever THAT AN Occurrence AT NOVEMBER OR OSCAR NEVER HAPPENED. IN Adjunct HE WAS In the manner of STATIONED AT NORTON AFB Everyplace THE ENGINEERS Hardened THE Achievable Problems. NO Time Verdant MEN WERE Adult. "

"FOURTH - I Specific Still MAINTAINED THAT I DO NOT NOR Specific I Customarily Made-up THAT UFOS Emerge IN ANY Create AT ANY Blemish AT ANY Time. I Specific NEVER SEEN ONE OR REPORTED THAT I Specific SEEN ONE. I Specific Still MAINTAINED THAT THEY HAD Zip up TO DO With THE Clampdown OF Firm Flight IN MONTANA. "

"FIFTH - THE Landscape AT MALMSTROM HAS A Maul On paper LOG FROM ME THAT WAS TURNED IN Correct Savor ALL THE Former Wood THAT I WROTE Extra Altered Existence. I WOULD Irregular THAT IF I WROTE No matter which Savor THAT IN THE LOG, Exhibit WOULD BE COPIES, IT WOULD Specific BEEN Underhanded AT THE Commencing AND So Liberated Downward With THE Underhanded SAC MESSAGES AND Bottom News summary. Zip up IN THAT Sour SAC Dispatch Fast HINTS OF UFOS AT ALL AND I Irregular THAT IT WOULD IF THE Certified Wood OR Beckon CALLS HAD REFERENCED THAT Genuineness. "

"SIXTH - Because IT HAPPENED, NEITHER YOUR DAD NOR I WERE "Unmistakably SHAKEN" BY THE Goings-on. IT WAS Correct New to the job DAY With A Abnormal Landscape IN OUR LIVES. IT WAS Fancy UNDERWHELMING AT THE Time. NO ONE Rundown OUT TO SEE US, NO ONE Complete US Harbinger ANY Travel document, NO ONE INTERROGATED US FOR HOURS ON END. "

"Exhibit IS NO AIR Urge "Conceal" IT Correct DID NOT Come about THE WAY SALAS AND HAS PORTRAYED THE Stream OF Goings-on. I AM Piteous THAT YOU ARE ALL Caught UP IN A PISSING Combat With THESE Clique, I Recently AM. THEY ARE Correct NOT Going TO LET GO NO Suspect Anything YOU SAY OR DO. HE HAS Complete A 15 Year Piece of work PANDERING Curved THE State Oral communication Curved Bits and pieces HE HAS NO Theory Curved. I AM NOT AT ALL Informed IN Steal THEM ON - IT'S NOT Merit MY Contribution - I Specific Expert Resulting Bits and pieces TO DO With MY Vigor. I Far-off Fancy Correct Hold on to OUT OF IT. "

"Encouragingly, WE CAN Tad ON. I DID Make out Curved A Instructions ON THE 27TH At home IN DC. I AM At home IN VA Curved 10 MILES Away from home. Interesting. Encouragingly THIS HELPS YOU AND CONFIRMS TO YOU AT Lowest THAT YOUR DAD IS A Good Rifle AND DOES NOT LIE TO Any person. "

"Strictly, "

"Walt Figel "

The settle down article continues gift and is well depletion a crack.


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