Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ufo Sighting In Bitola Municipality Of Bitola On July 14Th 2012 Disc With 3 Pulsating Light Under It Blue White Red
Well i don't know from where to start,this is 3-rd time in 2 months the same ufo appears here...So the first time a friend of mine saw it and said that it was just like a disc with some red-blue lights flashing or turning below... 10 days ago me and my girlfriend were sitting and enjoy the night,and we saw a very bright white light just standing in the sky around a hill and that was fine...i thought it was some radio transmitter or something like that on the hill...but after 2-3 minutes the light started to move and we were watching,it just blink one time and then it just disappear...not moving faster or something...but just disappear at front of our eyes...but at that time we didn't have anything to i took my binoculars in my car in case to appear sometime the mean time i bought a funny telescope for 30 euros to watch the moon and stuff so the telescope also was in my car...AND TONIGHT just TONIGHT after exactly 10 days at the same time and the same place the same LIGHT appeared my girlfriend took the binoculars and i went to the telescope even for 30 euros i assemble it in 15 seconds :) She was watching the light with the binoculars and i laid down on the ground wi! th the scope and i was searching for the light...the light again was just standing still at the while i was looking for it in the sky the light started slowly to go up in the sky...and i found it on the scope...WHEN I SET THE SCOPE MAGNIFICATION I WAS STUNNED....I SAW A DISC SHAPE UFO...The ufo was moving little bit faster and faster...but tonight it doesn't disappear...tonight was coming toward us..actually above us...on height like a chopper fly...THERE WAS NO SOUND AT ALL !when it was flying above us i took the binoculars and saw it below the i was VERY VERY sure that it was DISC shape with some RED AND BLUE AND WHITE lights just like my friend described 1 month ago...And believe me it was a sight to remember...This was my second time in my life to see it so close above me...The first time was in 1995 when there was an earthquake in this town...and back then it was pyramid shape...with very bright white lights below...From all ufo pictures around the! internet i haven't found pyramid shape UFO....imagine a real ! pyramid- --just a little smaller,flying.

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