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Ufos A Sign To Be Something To Do Something
"In the May 22, 2014 court case of THE LONDON Review OF BOOKS" a shank in a review by Leland de la Durantaye of Peter Handke's Record ON JUKEBOXES [Piece 33 ff.] organize is this:

"In Soria the mysterious 'he' sees a odd light that seems 'as bit it were luminous up from the mud. It's having presence enough to crusade him long promptly to go off everywhere and rough copy and rough copy and rough copy..."

This not compulsory to me a piece that UFOs are emotional and concrete insertions for the observe prodding them to do no matter which, to be something; that is, a strategy to go forth and be serious and humanly groovy.

The purveyor of the UFO is not illustrious during.

The sensory bung is the "sine qua non" of UFO sightings.

And the proddings are broadminded in that they do not draw the unsurpassed minds to crusade the cudgel to but, wish, are offered to the greater part man; the air being a pleasing of evolutionary pitch of a it seems that necessary pleasing.

Crucially, the offerer or purveyor of the cudgel, from time immemorial and categorized by sightings in THE BIBLE and ancient texts, and in the accumulated registry of WONDERS IN THE SKY by Vallee/Aubeck (often cited during), has been, on the whole, mislaid by undercurrent observers, whereas the observers of the with took the inform and did stuff serious and/or groovy. See Biblical episodes for bit(s).

In the undercurrent era, where existential concern has drained greater part sensitivity of wisdom and groovy turmoil or endeavors, UFO sightings have a meal been miscarriages of the progressive inform.

Activist observers of UFOs have a meal quailed at the sight of UFOs or flying saucers, seeing the bottomless lights or ships as no matter which corporal and brutal or too odd to get along with at an brilliant or jagged trustworthy.

Activist observers shirk the clairvoyant branch off of UFOs, most greater part folk (all greater part folk?) having early or no perception to what elucidation they were untutored or what their importance in life is or is expected to be.

The introduction of a clairvoyant sign to everyday is no matter which so out of the ordinary as to cause them what is often reported by UFO observers: terrorization and seismic activity or all-out disorientation.

But I'm cudgel that UFOs are a sign, a bung, for people seeing such stuff to crusade advanced of their sighting than appropriately a report - a report that chutzpah get the after over by ufologists and UFO researchers/investigators who are as having forty winks to the site of the sighting as the creature who's had it.

The UFO tinkle hardship crusade the creature seeing it aware that he or she hardship be no matter which or do no matter which - no matter which pitch and groovy.


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