Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ufo News Ufo Spotted In Seattle What Was It
By Amy RolphThe Seattle PI11-16-11 Seattle was apparently under siege by UFO's Tuesday night, and I'm a little offended that no one told me.Someone did, however, tell the Seattle Times, which reportedly received several calls about a "bright object streaking across the sky."Was it the a space station? Not likely, considering the space station wasn't passing overhead last night. The Times also checked with the FAA and found out it probably wasn't a plane.The National Weather Service also reported it wasn't weather related, leaving only one logical conclusion.We are being invaded by visitors from another galaxy....... More See Also:Seattle History: The UFO sightings near SeattleUFO NEWS UFO Sighting in Washington StateVIDEO Mt Adams, Washington: Triangular Shaped Alien Craft, UFO... SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE HELP SUPPORT THIS SITE ABOUT DONATIONS Grab this Headline Animator


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