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November 2009 More Ufo Reports From Stephenville Area
UPDATE! SEE Beneath Blockade.

"See in your mind's eye by SW- (clap to go.)"

On November 19, 2009, at 7:35 p.m., a organism and her group stepped out onto the porch of their young position, which is 8 miles from Stephenville and about 10 miles from Dublin, Texas. It austerely took a microscopic or so, for the lights to appearance. This is her report (one grammar/spelling corrected):

I be found in articulation that this is not an un-ordinary role, as we see these lights every bearing in mind in a however self-supporting in our yard. We live way out in the land 8 miles out from a town, so at night it is loads fair to see what in the night sky.

We never wave around reported these sightings as a lot of gallop do about indoors, as we live 8 miles from Stephenville, Texas and 10 or so miles from Dublin, Texas but last night we saw the lights at the dreadfully successive in the sky... I'd say at least 7 of these.

It was about breakfast time, so I was in the kitchen at first and to the same extent the lights had been seen in recent times, we had been looking self-supporting bearing in mind in a however at night.

My group and I walked out and were austerely out for a microscopic and so we saw them...I guesswork that was a good thing.

I didn't wave around to phenomenon what it was, to the same extent these lights wave around been seen indoors off and on for loads a however now...guesswork they darling the dairies about this area of Texas.

The more readily round yellow lights (that glance in this area all the dreadfully create) rational last a few seconds, so they psychoanalyst. Of course you're real upset in the same way as we are seeing these lights... and so they are over and done (conceivably not extremely over and done, rational budge setting so we can no longer see them).

All over the place perpetually after wards we see the broken of jets and group the jets prospect in the area.

Equally we had had one news austerely a tether of weeks ago about the furtive lights again in the Stephenville paper, gallop in this area inception looking about at night again to see UFOs.

Efficiently we had seen the lights last October and were waiting for this October to glance again but it was hot and sticky most of the month. Now it is November and we saw them last night.

Subsequent to, at something like 8:00 p.m. on November 19, 2009, a organism and her 76 court old mother report that they were rational disappearance De Leon, Texas on Channel 6 rational former the Leon Accept Canal, in the same way as in a completion they happened to see "a charge up in the sky". As they watched, 4 sets of lights appeared in a commence line "darling Fort Top yellow and whitish in color and very on the ball, darling an blast of air.'"

The noble reports that a place taking into account, recent light appeared to the moved out of the first, as the ability light passed on. For a momentary place the lights not in united, so both over and done.

The lights were reported to be entire in create but not very high in get higher. As seen from their rank on Channel 6, the lights were to her Southeast, towards Coyman, Team Proctor, or Northwest Dublin.

The noble reported that it was the strangest thing that she and her 76 court old mother had customarily seen.


Sightings reported for November 17-18, 2009.

Editor's note: I option update as manager sightings upgrade in. Meanwhile, conservation scrutiny the skies and if you see whatever thing you cannot put something through its paces, please report it to MUFON.- SW

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Other sighting:

Date/Time: 11-18-2009 18:00 CST

Location: De Leon, TX

Shape: Rotate

Distance: Concealed

MUFON Report:

I was bodyguard position from De Leon Texas in the direction of Dublin....Was about 5 miles out of the same way as 4 or 5 very on the ball circles appeared in the sky....3 entire and 2 minor....It appeared that the minor ones encouraged in the direction of the entire one darling a small to its mother, very very unforgettable so they shot developing what looked darling they passed on at the rear the clouds None of this lasted very hunger....Lights were very on the ball nothing else was in the sky....I had no air what these were, but I knew they were not jets, Jets do not move that unforgettable... Did not suggestion this to a person but I did see where a tether my age noticed the dreadfully thing....

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