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Nasa Labels Ufo As Dust Devil On Mars Nice Try Nasa March 2012 News
Go to see of sighting: Dispute 7, 2012

Background of sighting: Mars

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NASA claims to involve captured a photo of a polish fiend on the end of mars. Its happened before but this time its not a red/brown polish devel as others found involve been...its WHITE! I involve seen this before in every Apollo photo (Panaramics-over 50!). This Mars UFO and the one in the Apollo 16 photos looks very corresponding. Freshen at the more photo and calculate it to bottom photo...happy figure at the video I made. SCW

These are parade a few of the assorted photos together with this extraordinarily UFO.Report to lengthen.

Equally exploring NASA's image diagram for the Apollo 16 board, I came with a leg on each side of assorted images that involve a rose-pink ineffectual cloud UFO on the far moved out of the panoramic image. At first I was doubtful and took a earlier figure at the craft noting that the shape of the UFO tainted shape various mature. It is unexceptional if the cloud is a blurry for the craft or the cloud is the craft, but one thing is for sure, it moves at once and in line the spark of the Apollo choice. This UFO was plainly subsequent and monitoring the Apollo 16 choice as it flew in sphere utter the moon taking photos. Fit imagine that the UFO moves from the top of the photo and matches its spark together with the Apollo choice consequently at about 450 photos it begins to fall knock down, apparently realizing that the Apollo craft was no troublemaker. Likewise show were about 40-45 images that had a 100% thoughtful cloud in its inflexible and all of these images are gracefully a range of than the adjacent, not to observe that the lunar end bottom the UFO changes in all photo the Apollo 16 choice took. I took all 458 so far images and put them in movie format together with all presentation gone per instant. The movie starts together with a put out of misery up of the UFO and consequently curtailed way finished shows the UFO in the all-embracing NASA panoramic photos. So the similarities to the Mars UFO reliable to show it is a ship. SCW

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