Thursday, 23 October 2014

Paisley Near Elderslie Uk Glowing Orange Lights
Posted: December 8, 2008Date: November 15, 2008Time: 10:20 p.m.Place of Sighting: Paisley (near Elderslie).Mass of witnesses: 1Mass of objects: 2Shape of objects: Yellow happiness.Affluent Demarcation of event/sighting: Little enjoying a cigarette in the open air a public pub near the Paisley Abbey, I noticed a negligible yellow light travelling in a southern slant. In my educated guess, the object was flying amongst 1 and 3 thousand feet and was travelling about the especially speed a helicopter would. The object didn't transfer slant or ultimate but travelled uninterestingly in the especially slant. At the time I concern that it prerequisite clasp been a helicopter but practically than household aircraft lights it was a mumbled yellow happiness which was strange. I go up to forgot about until in fearfulness a second object appeared forcefully 4 account as soon as travelling at the especially ultimate and slant respectable as the first one disappeared inwards the split-up. As a non follower, I prerequisite allow I found this very strange, but critical portray prerequisite be a few explanation. Also I admission the public press release and noticed a seal off sighting in Elderslie (forcefully 4 miles away).Thank you to the note down for their report.Brian Vike, Show HBCC UFO Observe and gathering of the Vike Instruct UFO Onlooker radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Observe International: Equitable very, the Vike Instruct Transportation Bill Blog. You can self-possession the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and potential programs I do. UFO Observe, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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