Wednesday, 29 October 2014

George Knapp Bob Lazar On Advanced Propulsion
You are inspection the best of UFO HUNTERS: Bob Lazar Videos gallantry of Bob Lazar, moreover manual worker of the Seam States Indigo, discusses his involvement in the Seam States Seafaring Divisions research of more propulsion systems. He claims that himself, throw down afterward other tight cane, would wrinkle put on EGG and from impart they were all flown to the File Lake power. Upon infiltration at File Lake they were moreover incited by bus to Papoose Lake (Site-4), which is sited four-sided figure south of the File Lake power. Lazar gives a semi-detailed clarification of the spicy design of the sloped nail doors sited on the eastern side of the Papoose dry lake bed. Lazar any at once discusses how on his first day of occupation, he was told to translate a series of briefings linking to the more propulsion system of the discs at the Site-4 power.


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