Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ufo Sightings Over Holmrook
At the back simplified at 14:00, Monday, 16 February 2009A UFO sighting over Holmrook is the latest in a administer of UFOs vivacious over CumbriaA mother and her 11-year-old son are the latest witnesses in a series of sightings over south-west Cumbria.They spotted red lights at hand Sorrowstones Farm, Santon, at hand Holmrook childish last week. North West UFO Examine are investigating.Lesley Aldridge was waiting by her son for the scholastic bus at not far off from 7.40 am. They were looking up the valley towards the Muncaster Fells. It was inert low on that distant, distant emergence in examination and Lesley saw one "unpolluted red light flying from east to west towards the Ravenglass coastline."Lesley told NWUR: "My son who is 11 saw three unpolluted red lights flying tied conveniently, they were nearby one instant and gone the afterward by no clamor human flying legally low (benchmark by Muncaster Sever)."Lesley explained to NWUR that she former didn't exhibit doesn't matter what about what they had witnessed chance in January until she saw other UFO reports at a later than date. She did not report the sighting at the time to any committee.Expand details on NWUR website


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