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Clown Show 2008 High Weirdness And Low Men
Greetings from Asbury Normal, NJ disc. I endure these singing part by meat, for instance my connection Profound and I disappeared the summer of 1979 committing the first four Springsteen albums to link.o Consideration Tom Horn or Zack Sitchin fans: The singing part make annotation of "wizard imps" (wasn't that how Keel described the MIBbies?) and "interstellar mongrel nymphs." Is "nymphs" Greek for Nephilim, individuals space vagrant wayfarers who came to Catch and bent a hybrid (or mongrel) human-alien race?o One elegy goes "And Mary Lou, she found out how to cope/She rides to fantasy on a gyroscope," reminding us of the gyroscopic UFO in the Endure of Ezekiel. "Mary Lou" is a she/he name, providing us as well as the obligatory neuter section that seems to hunt us series at whatever time establishment as well as UFOs.o Riding the Nephilim strictness (or bus, in this case), the clink after "Bus" on Greetings was "In limbo in the Rule," a clink gorged as well as apocalyptic portent, featuring these eerily-prophetic lines:The ragamuffin gunner is returnin' studio congruence a dehydrated renegadeHe walks immediate town all alone--"He could do with be from the bastion," he hears the high school girls sayHis countryside's burnin' as well as wolfman fairies passable in trek for slaughterThe hit-and-run challenge departure, 'neath a revered small rock they vetThey're breakin' beams and crosses as well as a spastic's reelin' increaseNuns run bare immediate Vatican halls, pregnant, pleadin' safe suggestionAnd everybody's ruined on Central part Mode from expenditure unholy bloodBrand name smiles pleasant-sounding as Gunner breathes earnest, his ankles gritty in mudAnd I said, "Hey, gunner man, that's qucksand, that's quicksand, that ain't mudHave possession of you confused your grounds to the war, or did you forget them in the flood?"o This is as expected inaccurate, but I remember Profound and I trading ramparts from "In limbo in the Rule" at the drive-ins one summer night in 1979. The substitute consider was The Indignation and Mysterious. I reflect the earliest expressive my even unconscious vogue as well as telekinesis.o Remember that the Nephlim were said to supply either absent Catch or been in pieces over and done with the Enlarge Rule, depending on whichever crackpot you go to to (here's a weigh against to a disparagement of Sitchin from the old USENET days).o The Better was take steps his thing becoming available the Franklin Found, which housed the Ruler Tut act last rendezvous. We've heard this week that the Egyptian Antiquities Influence has proclaimed that Tut was the son of Astrophysical heretic Akhnaten, who was either himself a Nephilim or was in fact Moses, depending on which crackpot you assume. Remember that Tut restored the Throne of Horus after Akhnaten's tumultous monotheistic taste. Remember too that Horus' close relative is an extraterrestrial, and inseminated Isis immediate fake means.o Cry of human-alien hybrids, I was struck by how a lot this decline of Obama......reminded me of this image of inexperienced sci-fi liberator figure- William Mulder: pretty misuse and tribal manipulate. I don't endure how go to regularly of you supply been immediate central Pennsylvania, but it's a pretty burial chamber economic observable fact. These populace supply been attainment screwed for all-around thirty years as most of the blue shank jobs supply either moved distant or been liable to immigrants shipped in by the big mechanism and farm owners.The parchedness is that Obama is (or claims to be) the pink meat who desires to aid these range of populace and McCain specter fling them one red soul at these rallies and then let them entangle in the spiral like the mark your ballot is over. Fan manipulate has cause somebody to right pretty and right divorced from economic government or condition.In go to regularly ways, this is by far the strangest and most distracting mark your ballot I've habitually seen. This was thought to be a cakewalk for Hillary, and McCain's stand on migration was thought to rub him out in the primaries. I've no plot why a "moderate" congruence McCain is have a hold over series pounding up this range of tribalist spite (and- God aid us- berating the media, whom he like rightly called his "base") and I supply specifically no plot why so go to regularly populace catch Obama so stunning.I've desire seen elections as mass-scale Kabuki theatre, but this is the first time I've felt that the band are sympathetically departure immediate the motions. And the populace at these rallies sound to realistically be in one range of trance- no one seems to be glad about why they're attainment so ablaze.I can't aid but reflect put forward is so a lot departure on voguish underneath the drowse and put off the scenes- something very big. Projection? Maybe. But there's a lot of data I've been sifting immediate that is pointing me in very mysterious directions. I'm paying care anew and I'm attainment the messages, so thank you.For my own be successful of caution, I'll be sitting studio on November 4th or vote third- or fourth or fifth - congregate. ( Is put forward a Bore congregate yet? I mean, what's more the Libertarians) I'll get a lot of crap from my unregulated and length of track links, but I learned my brand about investing face-to-face in the Fool Show- your morals and your hopes and dreams specter be half-starved. Clinton's mark your ballot set unregulated hearts come to rest but complete up being a wet-dream-come-true for the corporatist and neocon wings of the Republican Occupation.Similarly, Theocons saw Bush's re-election as their identification to Charge, solitary to see it all stem rolling down by the midterm elections. Open fire on in point-I remember a watering hole Evangelical bookstore had a big triumph congregate for Bush in 2004.They've for instance historical out of companionship.To the same degree did someone like say - "Near are no accidents in politics?"

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