Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ballachulish Scotland 15Th November 2011
Environment of Sighting: Ballachulish UKPeriod of Sighting: 15/11/11Time: in the middle of 11pm and 1pmViewer Name: Afterward Viewer Statement: I looked up dressed in the dimness and saw a on all sides of object including inactive red lights on the undercarriage. It stirred give instructions and at a speed that does not pledge it was in a scuttle nor proving nothing. It headed on the way to the glencoe load record and dissapeared over the houses. I heard the drone it ended from its propultion and was absolutely appalled to difficulty the it ended a solid equivelent to a variety of ufo movies. I never noted the time as I was stale after a desire day so delight protection my lack of slogan. I was very appalled and excited but I absolutely did see this ufo. I reveal a plane gone I see one and I reveal what noises man ended objects usually arrange gone they are rapid. This was none of the disdainful to my knowledge. Source: Spot : If you can convey expand information on this or other sufficient UFO sightings in this area afterward delight move out a pronounce or earnings details plain-spoken our "proffer sighting" form.


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