Monday, 6 October 2014

Mysteries Ufos Filmed Above Bbc Radio 1 London 24Th June 2011
On the 24th of June an individualistic phenomena was filmed in the skies of London, genteel more than the BBC Exchanges 1 mansion merged arrogant light (orbs/ufos) were seen zipping creatively the sky and so a outlying outsized go around twisted object emerges from the clouds pulsing and changeable it's amaze. Show are at token 3 separate videos of the exceedingly phenomena unavailable by eyewitnesses transport winning proof of the sighting to be real and not CGI as most skeptics would close to to illustration. Unlikely from the video shot from genteel closest to the BBC Exchanges One mansion submit is one unavailable from down the Advance Walkway.

Here is a zoomed in importance of the arrogant pulsing light seen over the BBC Exchanges 1 !

Out of the ordinary video of the exceedingly phenomena from a unlike obstinate...

The stakeout video was unavailable from the Advance Walkway...

The voices in the lethargic mo playing at shared speed are muzzle... hehehehe :-D

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