Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bigfoot Skull Found
A scientist in Idaho found a fossilized Bigfoot skull.

Ralph Barnkopf came by the West Coast offices of WWN and showed us a Bigfoot skull he found in the woods outside Boise.

"It's a Bigfoot skull, for sure. I'd bet my life on it," Ralph told WWN.

We contacted a number of Bigfoot experts. Dr. Lee Blanton of Alberta, Canada confirmed that the Barnkopf skull was, indeed, a Bigfoot skull.

The head looks like it belonged to a Bigfoot that looked like this:

"I was looking for some fossils," the 69-year-old "semi-retired" anthropologist told WWN, "and I was kind of drawn to something in the ground."

It was a rock, sticking up out of the dirt.

"So I went and dug it out, and you couldn't tell what it was 'cause the head was face down; all you could see was the back of it," he said. "But when I dug it out you could see the face, perfect."

The skull tips the scales at 70 pounds and is the first Bigfoot skull found in modern times.

"I've been tracking and watching for Bigfoot," Barnkopf said. "I'm very curious, interested in that, and wanted to get footage on it 'cause I've ran across him a couple of times."

"I think people need to be more aware, open their eyes and be more aware of what's around us," he said. "Because I think there's a lot of ancient (things), and fossils and different things, around us that if people would just kind of open their eyes to they'd see that we walk past them every day."

Reference: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com


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