Monday, 3 November 2014

Ufo Debate Rense Com Listening To Monday March 14 2010
14. March 2010, 10: 31 am Close encounter of the first kind, Flying Saucers, history, news, science, Roswell, UFO CRASH, sharma dir shiraz There are no comments Monday 14 March, 2010 Jeff Rense is disputed by Robert Willingham, who claims to have retired colonel and eyewitness ufo crash sites, while working with the Pentagon-built-in the 1960s. His account is subject to supervision on a consolidated basis of the reports of the new online free 24/7 UFO website. Mr. Willingham told his with a new book has been a lot of talk in the middle of the adventures of his credentials. Ufology in his paper, the work of the experts in questioning and Mr. Willingham on Monday will be a new test. I myself have experts in document permissions and administrative procedures, in which wars and I call upon the arrival of the Willingham: new documents. If only one or more of the documents are authentic, strengthen the next phase of her claims, and the validation takes place. Some pop have complained about me have 87 years old in the League at the end of the gentleman, but this is new in ufology. (I) a must stick to the standard procedures and confirm the information about the best I can. Witch hunt here, not just a good old old old fashioned research loan facts not innuendo, fantasy or propaganda. If you say something it had better be supported within reason. UFO reporting, it is difficult, many of the top, one of the reasons is the ridicule and retribution. Everyone had the floats cut, at which stage they have no pile standing up must be congratulated, but dragging the charades and shenanigans must be drawn up to meet their earned wages, We tolerate such nonsense. Make sure it's fun to pull a prank and not against the law, but when you can participate in the birthrights of their civil and worse, you need to connect the piper for the credibility of the other, the compromise now pay. So sit back and let the temporary hitcha '. Monday will be a wild ride in 7-10 pm Pacific time. Listen to live free: click here to vote IN AT RENSE.THE COMPONENT OBJECT MODEL (COM)



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