Thursday, 6 November 2014

Strange Phenomena In Missouri Linda Moulton Howe 22 11 2011 Coast To Coast Am
In her first two segments, diagnostic journalist Linda Moulton Howe discussed the unidentified balls, discs, and character encounters in Kansas Local, Missouri for example April 2011 and the 125 orangey spheres that flew in waves en route for Lee's Spit, Missouri. She interviewed Margie Kay, the Asst. State Administrator of Missouri MUFON, who noted that in a one month fleck concerning the first week of October to November 2011, Kansas Local Joint UFO Confusion (MUFON) had customary similar to 80 cases, the principal UFO panic in such a cower time in the city's history. Among the sightings were a hushed diamond-shaped craft, a fantastic idle in circles disc that homeless a red semblance, a blistering orangey orb, and a unhappy orb that a dog chased dressed in the wood.What's more, Kay described cases where a UFO investigate via confused time had a odd sparkler tooth installed in her chin, and a retired legalize policewoman saw a unhappy alien being, as a black triangular craft hovered over his plot. More of Kay's cross-examination about. Linda likewise make fun of via investigate Richard Vick,who described seeing waves of unhappy orangey spheres flying in the sky concerning Kansas Local and the community, Raytown in June of 2011 (photo less than). Numerous other witnesses saw the orbs, and a conclude TV news station reported on the phenomenon, he said. More.In her third report, Linda obliging information on how Vast Hutch 24 may possibly be the last rotund for decades to stock any sunspots at all. If that show business out, so, for the first time in 400 living, Scrabble hand down go timetabled a solar Dignified Least next to the Maunder Least of 1635 to 1715, for example Europe went timetabled a early Ice Age.' Vast physicist David Hathaway told her we wouldn't know for sure until 2013, but that the current & launch sun cycles open a honest risk to thought how they play-act international warming. In her last report, she make fun of via fountain pen Philip Coppens about Erich von Daniken's latest book, Odyssey of the Gods, in which he proposes that the Greek Gods were extraterrestrials.


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