Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is This A Chupacabra
The Chupacabra has become one of the most popular creatures of debate in resent times. The word Chupacaba means GOAT SUCKER (IN SPANISH) which has mainly been reported to have be seen in Latin America, USA (TEXAS, FLORIDA AND CALIFORNIA). It is commonly described as a imp like creature by the legends with Brown - grey skin / hair with three horns on its head, a long sharp tongue and red eyes that glow. It is also said to hop like a kangaroo and some even believe the creature can fly. CHUPACABRA -- GOAT BLOOD SUCKER.. As the name suggests THE CHUPACABA feeds mainly on domestic animals such as goats. It will drain the blood from its victims leaving puncture marks on the neck similar to a vampire. In some reports there are claims of organs were missing from the attacked animals bodies, with out any notable ways to see how the organs have been removed. The Chupacabra really is a interesting creature, who knows maybe it really is a strange sick dog as the sceptics say or undiscovered species related to a coyote or maybe it is real. One thing is for sure, what it does to its victims such as goats and live stocks makes me believe that what ever it is I am sure it is not safe for humans as well.. Tags: first abduction travis spaceship ufo clear intent black universes pics videos life earth videos alienigenas reais pascagoula alien kenneth arnold


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