Thursday, 18 December 2014

Al Qaeda And The Ufos
An op-ed piece in the New York Times, written by UFO researcher Nick Pope and found on-line here, seems to be suggesting that a major reorganization of funding and monitoring efforts needs to be made in the U.S. And what should we be monitoring more closely?

Why, reports of UFOs, of course.

Pope seems to be trying to make the point that, despite people reporting seeing UFOs in American (and, presumably, secure) airspace, the US Gov't hasn't investigated UFO reports since the late 60s. According to Pope, this is an unconscionable breach in security that the government isn't taking seriously.

I'm not quite sure that the logic comes through for ol' Pope there. He seems to be trying to make the following argument: "we all like security right? Well, UFOs that some folks claim to see don't show up on radar, right? That means we can't track em with radar, so we need to take these reports seriously, since it would be dangerous to ignore them".

Why would it be dangerous to ignore them, exactly? Have the Nazis on the Moon been replaced by Al-Qaeda on the Moon? Or are we fearing an imminent invasion from the stars? The piece isn't clear about the "why", of course, merely extolling us to start paying UFO claims more attention, particularly at the official, government level.


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