Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ufos A Change Of Scenery
Elsewhere ( we hinted that some UFO notables (Kevin Randle, Dick hall, Jerry Clark) seem to have abandoned UFOs for other interests.

Mr. Randle said, No, he just had other interests, and Jerry Clark said he wasn't obsessed with early Christianity as we stated but had other "intellectual" interests, which included The Old West, that Mr. Randle also took an interest in, which spurred our asking him if UFOs had lost their cachet for him and other UFO researchers.

We note that Hall's Civil War studies and the Clark/Randle slippage into stories of cowboys and the Old West have got to detract from their UFO research; it just has to since, one can't study all things or many things and do well by that which they have hung their reputations this case UFOs.

We find that the UFO old-guard, except for Stanton Friedman (and a few others), have pretty much thrown in the towel as far as the UFO phenomenon is concerned.

We can't blame them. UFOs are a non-issue for almost every normal person on the planet. UFOs just don't factor in anyone's life, if they have one.

UFOs are unsatisfactory as a scientific pursuit or even a hobby. They (UFOs) have become boring and saturated by their past - what they may have been, not what they are.

Flying saucers once awakened a curiosity that was commensurate with other mysteries that intrigue mankind, but since the elusive flying thingies didn't provide a denouement, much as the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot haven't, UFOs (flying saucers) have become and are an idle interest for only the most inane truth-pursuers.

The newer UFO guard, Paul Kimball, Nick Redfern, Greg Bishop, Mac Tonnies, et al. have also moved on, to other interests or life-styles.

So, the seeming abandonment of UFOs as an intellectual pursuit by Kevin Randle, Jerry Clark, and Richard Hall -- despite their enervated objections - makes sense to us, and others who know that life is short and UFOs are long....going nowhere, just circling our skies and lives, in a meaningless pattern that hasn't made sense and isn't about to, as far as we or anyone can tell....

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