Friday, 12 December 2014

Still Hidden Octopus Confessional
Awhile ago, I started another blog. I called it Octopus Confessional. My intent was to have a blog that focused on the taboo and uncomfortable subjects in mainly UFOlogy, as well as other paranormal events. I've had some experiences I'm not willing to talk about publicly yet. (Don't get excited however, they are small and personal, nothing scandalous or anything that will shatter paradigms.) The blog was going to discuss both my personal experiences as well as those of researchers and witnesses within UFOlogy with similar ideas and encounters. I settled on "octopus" as name and symbol for a few reasons: my love of sea life and animals, the symbolism of tendrils/tentacles reaching out, the way many octopi can camouflage among them. Seemed to fit what I had in mind.

To my surprise, the blog quickly shown itself to have its own life and became a kind of para-political-conspiracy blog. So it seems these private, controversial areas of UFOlogy want to remain hidden, for now.



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