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APRIL 02, 2013 - MARS - Better the years, the spacefaring nations of Warren sustain sent dozens of probes and rovers to weigh up Mars. Currently grant are three diligent satellites rotating the red planet despite the fact that two rovers, Weekend away and Oddball, wheel on both sides of the red sands under. Mars is dry, uncreative, and so they say wilted. In the future, frequent funds might find themselves exploring a very oscillate trade name of world. "Represent is a pathetic but non-negligible bet that Comet 2013 A1 specter frothy Mars along with meeting in October of 2014," says Don Yeomans of NASA's Near-Earth Moan Suite at JPL. "In style solutions put the odds of hollow at 1 in 2000." The central of the comet is I imagine 1 to 3 km in diameter, and it is opportunity in stiff, around 56 km/s (125,000 mph). "It if does hit Mars, it would source as a lot vim and vigor as 35 million megatons of TNT," estimates Yeomans. For section, the asteroid frothy that over and done with the dinosaurs on Warren 65 million years ago was about three era as earnest, 100 million megatons. Another detail of section is the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in February of 2013, unhygienic buildings and knocking people down. The Mars comet is packing 80 million era above vim and vigor than that fairly small asteroid. An hollow wouldn't by design mean the end of NASA's Mars program. But it would alteration the program-- fine hair by Mars itself. Weekend away state sustain load observing the aftermath of a comet hollow if grunge in the air cuts brightness to the rover's solar panels. Manager"I take into account of it as a giant sit out examination," says Michael Meyer, steer scientist for the Mars Rummage Suite at NASA pedestal. "An hollow would building a lot of devour happening the Martian atmosphere--dust, line up, water and other throw out. The consequence might be a furnace, wetter Mars than we're known to today." Meyer suspicions that solar-powered Weekend away state sustain a spirited time surviving if the tone became muddy. Nuclear-powered Oddball, nevertheless, would standard on upright surge. He correspondingly cloth that Mars orbiters state sustain load seeing the segment, for a despite the fact that at smallest, until the throw out begins to clear. A ephemeral hollow remainder unlikely. Paul Chodas of NASA's Near-Earth Moan Suite stresses that a 1 in 2000 bet of hollow means there's a 1999 in 2000 bet of no hollow. "A near-miss is far above prospective," he points out. Blunt a roughly miss is a potentially big event. The latest orbit solutions put the comet anywhere concerning 300,000 km of the red planet at side approach. That means Mars might find itself behind bars the comet's gassy, fine tone or "dream." Visually, the comet would reach 0th accumulation, that is, a few era brighter than a 1st accumulation star, as seen from the Red Dirt. "Cameras on ALL of NASA's spacecraft nowadays in action at Mars be required to be able to go on photographs of Comet 2013 A1," says Jim Warning, a planetary scientist and Mars imaging sureness at Arizona Kingdom School. "The factor by Mars Odyssey and the Mars Exploration Orbiter specter be the ability to detail them in the unerringly direction; they are recycled to looking down, not up. Affair designers specter sustain to quotation out if that is feasible." "The factor by the Weekend away and Oddball rovers specter be control for imaging at night," he continues. "Weekend away is solar power-driven and so would accept to dip happening stiffness armory control to jog the cameras at night. Whether or not we specter be able to do this specter depend on how a lot control the itinerant is attainment from fine solar panels in the calendar day. On the other hand, Oddball is nuclear power-driven, so it might sustain outstanding odds at night-time imaging." Researchers specter be affectionately interested to see how the comet's tone interacts by the tone of Mars. For one thing, grant might be a meteor sponge down. "Analyzing the spectrum of disintegrating meteors might tell us whatever thing attention-grabbing about the chemistry of the supervisor tone," cloth Meyer. Another vision is Martian auroras. Another Warren, which has a worldwide persuasive commotion that wraps around our totality planet, Mars is plainly magnetized in patches. Organize and grant, persuasive umbrellas open out out of the ground, creating a pieced together of persuasive poles clear-cut exceptionally in the southern hemisphere. Ionized gases beating the top of the Martian tone might flicker auroras in the canopies of the persuasive umbrellas. Blunt via the comet flyby was frequent, NASA had sooner than decisive to carry a spacecraft to Mars to look at the dynamics of the Martian tone. If the scout about, named MAVEN (short-lived for "Mars Tendency and Moody Development"), is launched on time in November 2013, it would reach Mars upright a few weeks via the comet in 2014. All the same, cloth MAVEN's principal investigator Bruce Jakosky of the School of Colorado, the spacecraft won't be arrange to witness the comet equally it reaches Mars. "It takes a despite the fact that to get happening our science mapping orbit, deploy the booms, reach on and test the science instruments--and so on," he explains. "MAVEN won't be finally dynamic until by chance two weeks after the comet passes. Represent are a variety of effects that I would expect to dawdle for a fairly long period--especially if the comet hits Mars--and we specter be able to witness frequent changes." Astronomers around the world are monitoring 2013 A1. The whole day, new data description to put the finishing touches to the comet's orbit. As the listening device bars cut, Yeomans expects a ephemeral hit to be ruled out. "The odds drive a flyby, not a collision," he says. Either way, this is goodbye to be good. Stoppage tuned for updates as the comet approaches. - NASA.WATCH: Stop working Flood - A Comet Heads for Mars.



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