Tuesday, 23 December 2014

History Channel Ufo And The White House Did Cheney Indirectly Tell Consequences
On Thursday, December 2, the History Channel aired a one hour documentary "UFOS AND THE WHITE HOUSE". The most challenging incident in the documentary occurs near the end. A journalist calls a talk show interviewing former Vice President Dick Cheney and asks about the "truth" behind government knowledge of UFOs and contact with extraterrestrials. Cheney says "Well, if I had such information it would be classified and I couldn't talk about it." That is, he doesn't deny it. There is a natural inclination to think that most incoming presidents and administrations would believe they could disclose anything like this to the American people if they chose. Why not? Maybe there is information that we would be destroyed, say by an alien EMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse) attack first if we did.Now if a president disclosed such information, it would take at least 20 years for the signal to the nearest solar system having a reasonable chance of an advanced civilization (that's M-star Gliese), and maybe a century for it to return, so that would be dooming generations 100+ years down the road. Or maybe the aliens have an outpost in our Solar System (such as Titan, the largest moon of Saturn), a little more than one light hour away. Or maybe, as in Clive Barker's novel "Imajica," the aliens come from parallel universes instantaneously and can look more or less like us.The rest of the movie covered some well known incidents, starting with a supposed sighting on the West Coast in 1942 (this could have inspired the 1944 alien crash in the NBC series "The Event"), and then Roswell in 1947, and then a blitz over DC in 1952, as well as some sort of crash in the Laurel Mountains near Kecksburg, PA in 1965 (picture above). Bill Clinton said, at least 8 times, that young workers have a better chance of seeing a UFO than collecting their full social security benefits in the future. There was a "scare" at the White House from a UFO in 2005, according to the film. End of TV Reviews feed

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