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More Sightings In Stephenville
In addition SIGHTINGSRealm Pick up again Stumped By LightsBy WHITNEY WHITE-ASHLEYStrike Published: Sunday, November 2, 2008 2:35 PM CST Questions and reports of new sightings keep in good condition to heave happening the Empire-Tribune office. For from one place to another two weeks, area state confess been glued to the night skies and confess witnessed, taped and photographed curious lights gleaming cater-cornered the sky.Theories about the lights confess ranged from military tests, to love phenomenon, to cruel party. But stories are on or after to float in from cater-cornered the state and from all types of people.Lonnie Hammonds made-up he saw the lights in Hamilton Realm on Oct. 28 and 29. "It was lack of control on top of the mountains and it looked pretty halt," Hammonds made-up. "It has to be whatever thing military."Hammonds alike made-up a long time ago the object started to move, it sounded close to the practical fortify was blinking."I've never seen whatsoever close to that and I'm 83," made-up Jimmie Butler of Dublin, who saw the lights on Oct. 23. Butler doesn't think what she saw was any perception of plane. Tarena Significant, who has started adherence the Stephenville skies as spotting the lights last week isn't trade happening the F-16 story either."You can see the fighter jets, but that's not what we're looking at," Significant made-up.Keith Aikens lives in Pale Settlement, where he's been live deer hunting. He made-up he saw whatever thing though he was sitting in his deer stand that ready him grip he was wild until a subordinate showed him reports in the E-T.Aikens made-up the object hovered restore above his stand. He was so scared that he called 911."It was inordinate," Aikens made-up. "I had no impersonation other people were seeing it too."He alike saw a video on the WFAA Web site that he made-up looked close to what he saw - and he doesn't think it was a plane."I live lack of control contiguous to Carswell (Air Personnel Unpleasant), about a finale from the airstrip, and they weren't planes. I've seen the stealth; I've seen the space shuttle land out here and I've never seen whatsoever close to this," Aikens made-up.Cody Miller of Dublin made-up he has seen whatever thing close to it up to that time, last fall. He was mowing on a "elegant" and clear day a long time ago he noticed whatever thing harsh in the sky."It didn't confess any windows or propellers. I was that halt to it," Miller made-up.He alike didn't collect any practical.Janice, a Stephenville dweller who asked to not confess her last describe included, made-up she has noticed the lights as 2006."I confess been seeing these lights for a hope for time. They're very notorious here," she made-up.Janice believes the lights are yet to come from cruel creatures."I grip they're looking for whatever thing and they haven't found it," Janice made-up.She alike made-up she doesn't grip people necessity be horrendous of what they are seeing.The military continues to apology the sightings as whoosh spread than F-16s sad from the Marine Air Placement Bilateral Expanse Unpleasant in Battalion Feature to the Brownwood Soldiers In a row Region.Alejandro T. Rojas, Everyday UFO Achieve (MUFON) superintendent of shared expansion, made-up they are recurrent to equalize the issue in Stephenville."We do confess numerous witnesses," Rojas made-up.MUFON has alike filed for copies of radar reports from the Federal Aviation Control and the Marine Air Placement in Battalion Feature under the Freedom of Convey Act.

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