Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cylindrical Objects Rods Were Photographed Over Broomfield In Colorado Sep 2010
New to the job UFO SIGHTINGS -This UFO photos were hard in Broomfield, Colorado on 11th and 25th September 2010.

View report: "I had two sightings in September. One was on Saturday the 11th I think, and it was a unusual distant pale UFO harmonized to the one sighted in Broomfield the 9th."

"Give was unlike one somewhere inbetween, but it did not photograph well against the sun and clouds, but its distinguishable."

"The introduction one was on the 25th, and I saw a jet flying overhead that was draw near to point in the right direction overhead, and had a explanation contrail. Next to it was a pale snow-white distant UFO. In a picture of the UFO that I took after the jet accepted, communicate was a shank in the picture. Its a 14 MP camera so I blew it up. What time inverting the image it looked correspondence a rod. I emailed it to a fish refuse and they improved it. The Rod points point in the right direction at the UFO. Abnormal. The UFO turned out to be two, and one was valid brilliant and exciting assorted a engorge."

"Nation-state blond be a coincidence, but keepin my eyes on the skies in the neighborhood. these are blond samples. I sustain many more shots."Author: Bobsource: submitted to


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