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Black Triangle Ufo Sightings Near Youngstown Ohio
Regularly equally the sighting of the famous 'Belgium Black' triangle UFO in 1990 (depicted) reports of these craft own be selected for promote prevalent. I acknowledged this irrational email from a reader today

Hi, Lon, I'm a long-time reader of your Phantoms and Monsters site. I touch the site is tighten up. You display sure of the most irrational and intermittent significant.

I embrace to email you about two objects I've seen in the sky over an draw near to two week move.

Opening, I fantasy to shoot by revealing you that subsequently month atmosphere be the 25th celebration of my being an dishonorable astronomer. I began in July, 1985, and own continued to this day. I own two telescopes and three pairs of giant binoculars, 9 x 63, 10 x 70, and 11 x 80. I've consumed absolute hours under the night sky in 25 years, and until slightly simply saw one thing that I couldn't explain, give your backing to in July 1996, in the function of I watched a delicate, spherical pasty object promote over my neighbors house for a range of minutes, through speeding off popular the sky.

Tuesday night, May 26, I went out next the 11 x 80 binoculars. The are relatively tubby, so I had a steal table on our give your backing to go out with subsequently to me. I knelt on a head rest on the go out with and braced my elbows on the table to keep the binoculars from jiggling. I was looking in a southern organization at the title Spica. I had put the binoculars down for a tiny and was scanning the night sky in the function of my brain was having difficulties by a red light prospect my way. The light wasn't broken, but masses plane lights don't play against thrill they are broken to the same extent of the angle they are at until they get draw near to honorable on top of you, this has happened to me masses times. I watched for a few moments, and realized that the light become quiet wasn't broken, so I picked up the binoculars and adept them on the light. The same as I saw confused me. The object in my binoculars was a black triangle. A very undisputable black triangle. Impart was one unblinking red light at the front of the object on the triangle dwindling, and two blue lights on the give your backing to. None of the lights were broken. I watched the object as it approached me, draw near to overhead. Impart was no substantial anything from it. Proper as it was draw near to overhead, it ready and impolite, rapid 90 degree layer and sped off. I lost it despondent the line, and by the time I got almost to the front deposit it was absent. The object was drifting from east to west in the function of it turned, (as I was mask it, it turned to my honorable), and complete up leaving in a northern organization. I've never seen doesn't matter what thrill that in the sky through.

Keep night, Monday June 7, my 13 meeting old child and I went boundary next my shrivel almost 10:00. We set up the catch, which took a few minutes. The night was distinctively clear, next masses stars perceptible, above-board carefulness the give your backing to deposit has sure light infectivity from the car port light. We were looking at the sky through my 10 x 70 binoculars. I noticed a delicate red object another time prospect through the sky. As it got more willingly, my child asked me why it wasn't broken. I looked at it through the binoculars and saw another time that it was unconventional black triangle, this one next more readily divergent lights. This object had two red lights in the give your backing to, one pasty light in the halfway, and one pasty light in the front, on the dwindling of the triangle top. None of the lights were broken. I handed the binoculars to my child and told her to play against at it and tell me what she saw. She looked at it and rumored in a scared tell, "Mom, that is NO plane! It's a black thing, and it's triangle bent. I don't see any wings!" She was frightened, and handed me the binoculars. The object came across the sky, leaving this time from west to east. Just the once another time, as it was draw near to on top of us, it ready a rapid 90 degree layer, (this time to our not here as we faced it), and sped off to the north. This time I ran almost to the front deposit, and was able to evidence it for a few seconds as it went off, totally speeding up and desertion. My child was very frightened and unfriendly sermon about what she'd seen, and how it ready sure no assemble as it accepted draw near to over us. We moreover prepared that the object was draw near to the expansiveness of a pencil eraser safe at arm's reel. The night was considerably ease, next not much wind at all, so a plane that big necessity own ready sure assemble that block to us, we can merely welcome the assemble of slighter planes blow much high-class overhead on make quiet nights.

My child was very scared and embrace to go in, but I bound to be her to drop in on out for a small-minded moment. We looked at Mars, Regulus, Saturn, Spica and Arcturus for almost a curtailed hour through we came in. As swiftly as we came in, I told her to sit down and draw what she'd seen, moment I went in unconventional room and drew what I saw. Our drawings were equivalent.

Austere this is so long for, but I did reasonable fantasy to tell you what we did see, and what I saw last week. I live in Ohio, boundary the Youngstown area. I plan on detention an eye on the night sky after this, and I'm besides leaving to keep a camera close down in case I see one of these objects another time so I can try to get a picture. To me it's draw near to unbelievable that I've seen two such objects that I can't explain in two weeks, after simply seeing one object in 25 years of take night time stargazing! Julie

NOTE: I'd be very conscious to door approximating sightings. Impart own been masses triangular bent UFOs reported the farther than few years....but, the recent be incorporated of reports is horrifying IMO. The MUFON and NUFORC witness report pages as a rule own at smallest amount of one approximating sighting some day. I'm relatively sure masses promote of these sightings go unreported...Lon

Black Triangle UFO Sightings Nearby Youngstown, Ohio


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